Asian Fusion Tapas at Azyun Restaurant

Azyun Restaurant dinner tapas

Azyun Restaurant located at 144 Main St N, Unit #17 in Markham

May 11, 2018:  This was the night that my phone suddenly froze and I couldn’t get it to turn on until after the meal when I got home.  Luckily, I was able to make it to Azyun Restaurant even though I didn’t have the exact address on me as I was driving there XD.  Thus, I took fewer photos than I probably would have if I had used my own phone.  Thanks Marilyn for lending me her phone to take photos with so that I could still encapsulate this meal! 😀

We had booked a table for three for 7 p.m. and surprisingly while the place was packed when we were dining in, there wasn’t another round of customers after us.  Azyun is located on Main Street Markham so you can either park on the street or in the surrounding parking lots which are free.

Azyun Restaurant dining area

It’s a single floor of dining area with the washrooms downstairs

Azyun Restaurant dining area

Dining area near the kitchen

I had heard all about Azyun first through Instagram when their restaurant account was about to open up and had liked my photos or something to that end.  Since then, I had been intrigued with this restaurant on Main Street Markham which served Asian fusion tapas.  There really aren’t a lot of “hip” or modern restaurants in the Markham area so that when something like this opens up, it’s definitely something I want to check out.

We ordered an assortment of items to share and for the most part everything was really tasty and looked amazing.  The service here was also very warm and attentive as the server kept refilling our water glasses throughout the night.

Azyun Restaurant menu and prices

Dinner menu as of May 2018

Confit Duck Biang Biang Noodle

Confit Duck Biang Biang Noodle. $13
-charred onion, sesame, poached egg, cashew

The Confit Duck Biang Biang Noodle was like the thick hand-pulled noodles done in a dry style with morsels of duck embedded in it.  All of the dishes, as I’ve said, were beautifully presented and this one was no exception.  It included charred onion, sesame, a poached egg, and cashew.

It reminded me of a carbonara where you puncture the poached egg to mix all of the pasta (in this case Asian noodles) together.  I liked it and while there weren’t a lot of confit duck overall, when I tasted a bit of it within the noodles, the bite was moist and delicious.

Prawn Toast

Prawn Toast. $9
-curry, lemongrass, nuoc cham

I really liked the Prawn Toast.  It had curry, lemon grass, and served with a side of nuoc cham (a Vietnamese dipping sauce).  This was a really good combination of shrimp in a crunchy toast and unique with the fish sauce too.  😀

By this point, I also noticed that every single one of dishes contained slices of radish.  The slices of radish were so refreshing and crisp against each dish — something I really enjoyed and lapped up.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken. $14
-soy chili brined, sweet and spicy pickle, chili mayo

The Fried Chicken was a dish that I had heard high praise of among Instagram foodies and indeed it was worth the hype.  The chicken was soy chili brined before being fried and served with sweet and spicy pickle and a side of chili mayo.

During this visit was the period of my time where I actually had to refrain from eating too much spicy or fried food due to health reasons so even though I love fried chicken, I found myself not enjoying it as much as I could have.  I liked how it was boneless meat and every piece was so big.  I need to come back and re-try this again to really savour it.

Lamb Ribs

Lamb Ribs. $16
-10 hours slow-roasted, Asian pear salad, char-siu barbecue, cashews

The Lamb Ribs could have been a bigger portion (although I know everything is meant to be tapas sized to be shared).  These were surprisingly fall-off-the-bone tender.  They were slow-roasted for ten hours with a char-siu barbecue sauce (so unique) and cashews with an Asian pear salad.

I loved the pear salad!  It was so refreshing and I could have finished the whole thing.  The Lamb Ribs were a favourite on our table that night.

We had had enough food and didn’t need to order dessert although the tofu almond cheesecake was calling my name faintly.

Overall, I really liked the inventiveness of the dishes.  I would want to return to try more of their other dishes and the Fried Chicken again!

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    “We had had enough food and didn’t need to order dessert although the tofu almond cheesecake was calling my name faintly.” LOLLLL you’re so cute!!!

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