Lashes By Sarah — Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extensions [Retired]

Lashes by Sarah examples

Lashes by Sarah is a mobile lash business

August 28, 2018:  All along, even before I tried lash extensions for the first time this summer, I had wanted to try lash lifts.  I wanted to try this unique lash technique which lifted your eyelashes with minimal effort to achieve a natural lifted lash look.  The goal of lash lifts is to appear as though you are a bit done up but not too much.  The pros were that you could rub your eyes as you wished, put on mascara, and the lift would still stay intact for up to three weeks or more.  I was excited.

I had known Sarah since university through a mutual friend at a Christmas party.  Sarah began her work as a lash artist a few years ago and now does it full-time for her clients.  Lashes by Sarah is a mobile lash artist meaning that she can travel to you (anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area).  She brings her own massage bed, stool for sitting, and her kit of lash tools.  This was the best part about Sarah’s services as I didn’t have to leave my house and yet was still be able to get my lashes done.  (If you wish, you can also travel to her home in Vaughan.)

purple massage bed

Her beautiful purple massage bed

Sarah used the SugarlashPRO kit on me to perform the lash lift.  To my surprise, the lash lift only took about 30 minutes in which Sarah selected a curl for my lashes and then applied a thin tube underneath the lashes.  She then applied the gel to coat my lashes to stick against the lashes and left them on for about 10 and then 15 minutes (from what I remember).

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem as though the lash lift did much for me as my lashes were barely curled.  Thus, we did a second set to see if the results would improve.

In the end after the second attempt, I decided (especially after getting eyelash extensions for the first time in July and loving them) to go back to lash extensions.  (My lashes were indeed lifted and a little bit curled, but compared to the instant length and fullness of lash extensions, I decided that a lash lift wasn’t enough for my needs.)

I booked an appointment with Sarah for the next day to have lash extensions put in.  Luckily, as Sarah is a full-time lash artist and I’m a freelancer, we both had time in our schedules to meet up again.

– – –

 Lashes by Sarah before and after shots

Before and After shots of my lash extensions

August 31, 2018:  Again, I didn’t have to leave my house and Sarah arrived promptly for our scheduled eyelash extension appointment.  Whereas my very first eyelash extension appointment took a little over two hours, Sarah finished a complete classic set for me in about 45 minutes.  It was great to not have to lie there on the bed for so long!

The set of false lashes that Sarah applied for me was very long in length and comparatively thicker than the ones I had on previously from Cateye Lash Studio.  Thus, they appeared very full and voluminous.  Sarah had done a terrific job applying all of the false eyelashes onto my own lashes and thus the effect was quite stunning.  As I was going on vacation a few days later, these lashes provided my vacation photos with the best and most marvelous photogenic lashes.  It was perfect!

 Lashes by Sarah before and after shots

The curl of the lashes is beautiful!

I didn’t have to bring my eyelash curler or mascara at all with me since my lashes were all done each and every day during my entire two-week trip.  That convenience is honestly the best part about having eyelash extensions done! 😀

The after-care instructions for the lashes included 24 hours of no contact with water (letting the lashes dry and for the Black Diamond branded eyelash glue to fully adhere to the lashes).  After that, all I had to do was brush them daily with the spoolie that she provided to me (it was pink, which was incredibly girly and cute!) and refrain from rubbing my eyes or sleeping on my side at night.

As the lashes will gradually fall out and as your natural lashes grow, you can return to Sarah for refills to maintain the sharp look and full effect of the lashes. The ideal time to return for lash refills is around 21 days.

Thank you Sarah for coming to my house and providing me with a great lash extension experience! 🙂  You can visit her Facebook page here or her Instagram page here.

 Lashes by Sarah lash photos

Snippets of my vacation pictures with the outstanding lashes

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Lashes By Sarah provided me with a discount on the session in exchange for this blog post and social media coverage, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the business.

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    THEY LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU, KAREN! lol.. are you addicted now? My friend says once you get it done, you can’t really go back.. hahaha

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