Il Fornaio Bakery in Rome, Italy

Il Fornaio bakery

Il Fornaio located at Via de’ Baullari, 5, 00186 Roma RM in Italy

Sept. 6, 2018:  It was such a hot and sunny day that we sought refugee inside this Italian bakery for some authentic pastries and snacks.  There weren’t a lot of visitors here on a weekday at 3:30 p.m.  After we picked the items we wanted, we paid and then sat down at the only table that was in the bakery.  They had so many types of pastries that I can’t even name them all (and I won’t even try).  Just look at the photos yourself!

Il Fornaio Bakery interior

Such a large counter and so many baked goods for sale

Il Fornaio Bakery interior

So many Italian pastries

Il Fornaio Bakery interior

If I was more hungry, I would have tried more :9

Il Fornaio Bakery interior

Priced by weight

Il Fornaio Bakery interior

They have savory items too

Torta Rustica Ricotta e Spinaci

Torta Rustica Ricotta e Spinaci. €18/kg

Luckily, the table was right in front of the heavily blasting air conditioner.  It was so nice to cool down in this bakery.

We got a pistachio tozzetti (Italian bisotti ), ricotta and spinach torta rustica, and a cup of espresso.

Espresso, Torta Rustica Ricotta e Spinaci, Tozzetti al pistachio

Espresso, Torta Rustica Ricotta e Spinaci, Tozzetti al pistachio

The Tozzetti al pistachio (pistachio biscotti) was a nice soft green colour and really had a pistachio flavour.  It was also softer than I imagined (usually biscottis are so hard in nature).  It smelled really nice.

The Torta Rustica Ricotta e Spinaci (ricotta and spinach cake) was a large flat sandwich that had ricotta cheese and spinach inside the flakey layer.  The translation of the name is a “cake” but it was more like a tart or sandwich to me.  It was very good and a substantial savory snack with lots of ricotta.  I was surprised with how moist the insides were considering it had been sitting on the counter with nothing heating it.

In fact, all of the pastries in the shop just sat quietly on the shelves and boxes.  Do they get a lot of customers here?  They had so many types of cakes and pastries and baked goods!  They must be really popular to have that many types of goodies in stock.

Il Fornaio Bakery baked goods

Cakes, pavlova, tarts

After a while though, they turned off the air conditioner to our dismay (XD).

Il Fornaio Bakery seating

Welcome to our food channel

Il Fornaio Bakery Rome


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