Hotel Review: Hotel La Pace in Pisa, Italy

Hotel La Pace entrance

Hotel La Pace located at Viale Antonio Gramsci galleria B, 56125 Pisa PI in Italy

Sept. 7, 2018:

We stayed at Hotel La Pace for one night when we visited Pisa, Italy.  This hotel is super close to the train station (just a quick 2-minute walk).  It’s located between shop buildings in a small alleyway so you actually might pass by it (like we did the first time) when you are looking for it.

The lobby and foyer is huge with a cozy sitting area, replica of the Leaning Tower, red English telephone booths, a coffee and hot water station, toilets, office area, and a large reception desk.

Hotel La Pace in between two buildings

Small alleyway between two buildings where the entrance of the hotel is

Hotel La Pace lobby

Spacious lobby

Hotel La Pace lobby chair

Replica of the Leaning Tower

Hotel La Pace lobby

Toilets available in the lobby

Hotel La Pace business area

Office space with telephones and computer

Hotel La Pace beverage station

Hot water and tea available

Hotel La Pace lobby

Area towards elevator and stairs

The check-in process was fast and easy when we arrived at 2:30 p.m.  Our room was on the sixth floor (seven floors in total).

It was a bit of a dated hotel with a slight smell in the blue hallway.  The key and key chain was super heavy!!

Hotel La Pace elevator


Hotel La Pace hallway

Sixth floor hallway

Hotel La Pace key and keychain

Room key and keychain

Hotel La Pace double bed room

Double bed room

The double bed room was also reflective of the age of the hotel.  (The room was exactly like the photo that we saw online of the room when we booked it, which was great — no surprises here.)  There was a TV, an AC unit, a luggage holder, huge sliding closets, a table, hot water kettle with tea and coffee packets.  The washroom was small but usable with a bidet as well as a folding door shower.  There was a three-in-one hand soap, shampoo, and shower gel that was olive oil coloured.

Hotel La Pace double room

Double beds so typical of European style

Hotel La Pace bathroom

Bathroom with walk-in shower

Hotel La Pace shower

Handheld shower

Hotel La Pace shower

You close the folding door to go into the shower

Hotel La Pace toilet and bidet

Toilet and bidet

Hotel La Pace toilet and bidet

Closet near the door

Despite the age of the hotel and seemingly old look, I had a very comfortable sleep that night.  The shower and bathroom was quite clean in general with towels provided.

Hotel La Pace complimentary hot beverage station

Hot water kettle, mugs, coffee, tea

The only issue was that there was a loud creaky sound that emitted every ten minutes or so.  I’m still not sure what the sound was.

There was a €9 breakfast buffet on the second level, but we opted not to try it.

I would say that the Hotel La Pace is great for a short-term stay (like what we did for one night).

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4 Responses to Hotel Review: Hotel La Pace in Pisa, Italy

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  3. gchan7127 says:

    I’m surprised they still use keys. I don’t think I was ever given a key to a hotel room in my life… haha. It was always a card (as far as I can remember).

    • stenoodie says:

      I’m surprised that this is the first blog post you commented on where the hotel gave us keys. The hotels that we stayed in in Port Hope also were actual keys. Not all hotels in the world are modern enough to have key cards.

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