Lunch at Numeroundici in Pisa, Italy

Numeroundici restaurant Pisa

Numeroundici located at Via S. Martino, 47, 56125 Pisa PI in Italy

September 7, 2018:   We had the best lunch here in Pisa, Italy!  Sometimes, the best spots really are those that you stumble upon in small cities.  We came across this unassuming cafeteria-style restaurant called Numeroundici when the one that we originally wanted to go to wasn’t open (thanks Google Maps :/). We were hungry from our four-hour train ride and this place was open for lunch.

The staff at Numeroundici provided us with an English menu from which we ordered.  After ordering, we selected a table to sit at and when the food was ready, we retrieved it from the counter.  The balance of the meal was paid at the very end of the meal when we finished.  There was a counter with jugs for water, water glasses, napkins, utensils, side plates, olive oil, salt and pepper, and other condiments.  It was a very cozy place for a casual lunch.

Numeroundici English menu and prices

English menu

Numeroundici English menu and prices

Page 2

Numeroundici menu and prices


Numeroundici self-serve counter

Self-serve counter with everything you need

Numeroundici ingredients

Fresh ingredients

Numeroundici desserts

Desserts (but we were too full afterwards anyway)

We ordered two mains and two sides and two drinks as well as bread.  The Italian tripe was something we wanted to try last night at Augusto but it was only available on Saturdays, so this opportunity turned out to be perfect.

 Draft beer

Draft beer. €4

 Pear juice

Pear juice. €2

Italian tripe

Tripe. €9

The Italian Tripe (the first time I’ve had it) came in a huge portion (all of the dishes were ample) and was so tender and smooth.  It was seasoned with chili oil but didn’t taste spicy to me at all.  It was even better than all the tripe I’ve had during dim sum at Chinese restaurants!  This was such an amazing comfort food dish!


Italian tripe

OMG this was the best

Risotto with Peppers

Risotto with Peppers. €8

The Risotto with Peppers was great.  The risotto was al dente and the saffron sauce that came with it was perfect.  A generous sprinkle of freshly ground cheese really made the risotto taste even better.

The Chicory (we have loved this ever since having it on the second night at Sant’Andrea‘s) was great — this one tasted a bit bitter actually while the Zucchini was chopped up and soft to eat.  These were perfect vegetable sides!


Chicory. €3,50


Zucchini. €3,50

The bread here was so good as well and really soft yet firm.  It was my ideal texture of bread.  Because it was so soft and dense, it went so well with not only the authentic olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip, but also the flavourful tripe as well.

 Basket of bread

Basket of bread. €1

This was a perfectly balanced meal that surprised me so much.  It was such a great comfort food and delicious meal! 😀  (The prices were super fair too.)

Numeroundici meal


This restaurant is 100% self service so you can serve yourself the (free) water, cutlery, place mat, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and also clean up after yourself too.

Numeroundici interior

Lots of customers opted for the vegetarian plate

Numeroundici interior lights

Cool lights

Numeroundici interior

View of the streets while eating is the best

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are in Pisa, Italy!!

Numeroundici interior

The entire restaurant

Numeroundici storefront


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