Florence, Italy 2018: Day 6 ~ Train from Pisa to Florence, Authentic Florence lunch and dinners

 Train from Pisa to Florence

One-hour train ride from Pisa to Florence!

Saturday, September 9, 2018.  Day 6:

Today we checked out of Hotel La Pace and had a breakfast at Cofer Bar before taking the train to Florence.  We had a simple mozzarella and tomato panini but it was not so simple because it was delicious.  The staff heated it up for us so that the panini bread was crispy and crunchy.

 breakfast at Cofer Bar

Simple delicious breakfast at Cofer Bar

Pisa Centrale station

Pisa Centrale station

 Train from Pisa to Florence

Train from Pisa to Florence

Our train was at 11:12 a.m. and by the time we got to the train station (the same Pisa Centrale station that we arrived in), the platform number for our train had already shown up.  We were on platform 10.

This was a slightly fancier train with firmer cushioned seats and charging ports too.  Yay! 🙂 It was a non-stop train.  The one-hour ride flew by (I took a nap).

We arrived at Frienze station which was crowded with tourists.  We tried to buy local bus tickets but found better luck at a local newsstand instead beside the McDonald’s across the street.  There were so many other tourists pulling along their luggage behind them.  It was another sunny and hot day (I’ll take the sun over rain when travelling).

Frienze station

Lots of travellers at Frienze station

old-school newsstand

Love the look of this old-school newsstand

Florence bus tickets

Bus tickets in Florence

We weren’t scheduled to arrive at our hotel/Airbnb until 2:30 p.m., so we looked for a local lunch place nearby.  The streets of Florence were again cobbled stones with alleys of buildings surrounding it.

 streets of Florence

Beautiful clouds

We arrived at Fiaschetteria Osteria Nuvoli (Piazza dell’Olio, 15, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy), which served lunch downstairs in their wine cellar.  What a treat this was!  It was gorgeous down there.  We had a comforting traditional Tuscan bread soup and porchetta!  Read about the meal here in the blog post.

 Lunch at Fiaschetteria Osteria Nuvoli

Lunch at Fiaschetteria Osteria Nuvoli

Basilica Di Santa Maria Novella

Passed by the beautiful Basilica Di Santa Maria Novella church on our way to the airbnb

Arno River in Florence

I’m glad we decided to walk instead of take the bus. What a view of the Arno River!

 Florence trash receptables

Saw a dump truck in action as it emptied out one of these trash bins

 streets of Florence

All of these streets looked the same

Boboli Gardens Mini Loft 

Waiting on the curb of the streets for the host to arrive to let us in. The third photo makes my bb look like a Sim XD

We then walked about 15 minutes to our hotel.  The hotel host said he would meet us at 2:30 p.m. to let us in, but unfortunately he didn’t arrive until 3:35 p.m.(!) due to extenuating circumstances.

The Boboli Gardens Mini Loft (14, Via della Chiesa, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy) was perfect!!  It was a loft with the bed upstairs and a living room, full kitchen, and full bathroom downstairs.  We enjoyed this immensely!

 streets of Florence at night

The same streets at night

 Dinner at Trattoria Diladdarno

Dinner at Trattoria Diladdarno

For dinner that night, we searched up a local restaurant called Trattoria Diladdarno (Via dei Serragli, 108/r, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy).  It was a cozy restaurant and we chose to sit in the outdoor garden patio underneath the stars.  It was so nice.

Tomorrow, we are off to see the infamous sights of Florence!! 🙂





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