Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci in Pisa, Italy

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci dinner

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci located at Via Amerigo Vespucci, 104, 56125 Pisa PI in Italy

September 7, 2018:  For dinner on our single day in Pisa, we ate at Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci.  It took a while to get here since we were purposely avoiding “tourist trap” restaurants and wanted authentic local dining experiences.

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci was a mom and pop restaurant serving Tuscan cuisine and seafood.  We were in for a treat.  We didn’t have to wait for a table when walking in at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday evening.  Immediately, the place felt very posh and chic to me because of the white tablecloth and wine glasses on the tables.  It was also homey like walking into someone’s dining room as it was a small space with non-commercial arrangements.

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci interior

There were a few separate dining rooms in addition to a larger one near the doorway

The husband and wife team were so friendly and inviting here.  Despite English not being their first language, I could hear the warmth in their voices.

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci table setting

Table setting

We ordered a 0.5L white wine, Spiedini di gamberi e all’erba, Maccaroni with shrimp and asparagus, and bread.

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci menu and prices

Menu 1 of antipasti, pasta and rice, meat

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci menu and prices

Menu 2 of sausages and beans, seafood, vegetables, dessert, and drinks


Coperto (table service and bread). €2

The white wine was superb and up to my liking.  It was smooth and slightly sweet.

 0.5L white wine

0.5L white wine. €8

 0.5L white wine

The wine was so smooth and sweet

The Spiedini di gamberi e all’erba was the biggest surprise quality appetizer.  It was sheker prawns in chive sauce.  The chive sauce was comfortingly warm!  The fried prawns wouldn’t have been as tasty without the chive sauce.  The prawns, while nice-looking, actually were on the mushy side for me.

Spiedini di gamberi e all'erba

Spiedini di gamberi e all’erba. €8
-sheker prawn in chive sauce

Sedanini con scampo ed asparagi

Sedanini con scampo ed asparagi. €9
-macaroni with shrimps and asparagus

The Sedanini con scampo ed asparagi (macaroni with shrimps and asparagus) was a nice portion.  I liked the macaroni as it was firm and just slightly al dente.  It was longer than the usual types of American macaroni.  The tomato sauce was great too and complemented the macaroni well.

The two shrimps here were of a similar quality to the appetizer.

Since the food was so good and Ken wanted more, we added one more appetizer too.  We added the Melanzane e zucchine marinate (pickled aubergines and vegetable marrows).  Unfortunately, it was only at the end that we realized they gave us a plate of boiled vegetables instead.  The Verdure grigliate e saltate di Stagione (boiled and grilled vegetables) included grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, boiled broccoli, beans, and French fries.  I liked the broccoli and beans the most.  Ken commented that the eggplant tasted a bit bitter.

Verdure grigliate e saltate di Stagione

Verdure grigliate e saltate di Stagione. €4
-boiled and grilled vegetables

We were the last customer to leave at 11:20 p.m. — way past their closing hours.  They were so nice about it though (didn’t rush us at all) and we greatly enjoyed the meal.

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci wine

I love the look of these wine glasses

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci receipt

The receipt

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci dining rooms

While walking out, I snapped this photo of one of their dining rooms

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci dining rooms

The main dining room — so pretty with the lights and blue

Ristorante Lo Schiaccianoci storefront

This restaurant is actually really close to the train station

I’m so glad that we got two authentic Italian dining experiences on our very short visit to Pisa!  The lunch in the daytime was spectacular and this Tuscan dinner was so good too!


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    Delighted that you’re on the road again enjoying good food!

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