Vegan Food at Copper Branch

Copper Branch Markham

Copper Branch located at 180 Enterprise Blvd in Markham

May 26, 2019:  I was first exposed to Copper Branch earlier this year as part of a Yelp event.  I returned here with Tracy to try out the vegan selections further.

Everything is made from vegetables and fruit or soy proteins on their menu, so that all of the “meat” are actually mock meat.  It’s one of the newest restaurants to hit the downtown Markham area at Birchmount and Highway 7.

On this visit, I recommended the Buffalo “chicken wings” to Tracy and we also shared the Spinach Hummus.  I got the Tofu Scramble Wrap and Einstein Smoothie for myself.

Copper Branch menu and prices


Copper Branch menu and prices

Catering menu

The Buffalo Wing was just as tasty as the last time I had it.  Tracy really enjoyed the coleslaw that came with it as well.  The only thing about this order is that the mock meat chicken wings were extremely pricey.  They cost $8.45 for just three wings! >.<

vegan Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings (3 pcs). $8.45
-spicy Buffalo tofu wings, sriracha coleslaw, non-GMO aioli sauce

The Organic Spinach Hummus was served with organic corn chips and actually tasted very good.  There weren’t a lot of corn chips accompanying it though, which makes it a bit of a rip-off as well.

Organic Spinach Hummus

Organic Spinach Hummus. $5.50
-served with organic corn chips
-organic chickpeas, non-GMO canola oil, baby spinach, fresh lemon juice, organic tahini, fresh basil, lemon zest, spices

Tofu Scramble Wrap

Tofu Scramble Wrap. $7.65
-organic tofu scramble, vegan-style shreds, lettuce, tomato, South West sauce

I really enjoyed the Tofu Scramble Wrap luckily.  It was made with organic tofu scramble, vegan-style shreds (not sure what that is exactly…), lettuce, tomato, and South West sauce.  I really enjoyed how warm and comforting this tasted.  For $7.65, this was a much better deal than the chicken wings.  (It’s also quite messy to eat though, so prepared to have some napkins with you when you devour this!)

Tracy got one of the power bowls (the Aztec Power Bowl), and she really enjoyed it.  I remember from last time when we had a taster bowl at the Yelp event and how big the portion was.  The power bowls are definitely more generous in quantity and therefore more worth it.

Aztec Power Bowl

Aztec Power Bowl. $14.25
-sweet potato, corn and mango salsa, non-GMO black beans, guacamole, vegan sour cream, broccoli, beets, carrot, lettuce, organic sprouted mung beans, pumpkin seeds, organic corn chips

Einstein Smoothie

Einstein Smoothie. $7.15
-raspberries, blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, coconut, maple syrup, vanilla soy beverage

The Einstein Smoothie was made with raspberries, blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, coconut, maple syrup, and vanilla soy beverage.  It was pretty good.  For some reason whenever I have a pure vegan meal, I always feel like I’m not eating enough and thus supplement it with a smoothie or drink.  I almost always never order a drink on the side when I usually eat out at non-vegan restaurants.

It was a good, wholesome meal overall, but I still think Copper Branch’s menu items are priced on the higher end of the scale.  Actual vegans probably would not eat here all the time (or else their wallets would be empty all the time), but this fast-casual restaurant is still a good alternative and option for non-vegans and those wanting to eat a plant-based meal every once in a while.

 Copper Branch Markham food

Vegan dinner


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