Body Bar (lack of) Massage Review

Body Bar massage Groupon

Screenshot of my purchase of the Body Bar massage

June 19, 2019:  I bought a 60-minute massage Groupon deal back in February.  Since then, I have tried several times to call Body Bar (located at 115 Apple Creek Blvd, Unit 4, Markham) to schedule an appointment to redeem my Groupon.

The first couple of times I called, no one picked up but I received a recorded message informing that they only have massage appointments a select few days of the week and that if I needed immediate assistance to text a certain number.  I didn’t do so since those days didn’t coincide with my schedule at the time.

This morning (since the Groupon expiry is coming up), I called Body Bar to see what their availability was like for me to finally redeem and try their massage.  However, instead of a recorded message, I was told by an automated voice that the number was not available.  It seemed very sketchy.  I looked at their website, and their website was down.

I put “Body Bar” into the Google search bar and read the 16 Google reviews that were on there.  At least three people also commented that they couldn’t get a hold of the business as well.  One person commented that they were glad that they went ahead to call Groupon to refund the purchase.

And so, that’s exactly what I did after reading those reviews.  I contacted a representative on Groupon chat and got my purchase refunded (Groupon tries to get you to use the ‘Trade In’ option or to contact the merchant, so be persistent and ask for the refund).

Long story short, DO NOT purchase this Groupon from Body Bar.  They are unprofessional and unreliable, and at this point might already be out of business considering that they don’t have a website and their number doesn’t even work.  I’m so glad I was able to get this refunded.  If you also bought this Groupon and haven’t redeemed it yet, make sure you refund it right away!

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4 Responses to Body Bar (lack of) Massage Review

  1. smkelly8 says:

    What an awful experience. Glad in the end you got a refund even though you had to work so hard for it. Let the buyer beware. It’s good you’ve published this so others know to avoid these con artists.

  2. gchan7127 says:

    Wow!! Can anyone advertise on Groupon? I am glad you got a refund! They probably closed down.

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