Facial Sheet Mask Review: Mentholatum Botanics – French Calendula Soothing Mask

I was looking forward to trying this floral mask that looked very nature-inspired and organic.  However, after I finished cleansing my face and was about to open the package to put on the facial mask, I was reading the contents of the package and was very disappointed and confused to find that there were barely any!

This Mentholatum Botanics branded sheet mask was available at Mannings for 51 HKD, on sale at the time when I bought it (its original price is 100 HKD).  It was in a transparent hard plastic carton of six sheet masks (not a fan of the use of plastic when so many other brands use cardboard boxes, which is better for the environment).

The front of the facial sheet mask package simply showed the name “Mentholatum Botanics”, “French Calendula Soothing Mask”, “Organic Floral Mask”, and “Soothing”.

On the back of the package, it had Chinese and English descriptions, with the English description:

“Organic calendula:  Soothes sensitive and redness skin to keep skin moisturized.  Glacier water:  Mineral-rich essence derived from natural Canadian glacier water moisturizes skin.  Trehalose:  Also known as Rose of Jericho which helps repair damaged moisture barrier to restore NMF.”

“Upgraded Tencel Sheet Mask:  Rich in essence, lightweight:  The mask absorbs moisture 15 times of itself.  The brand new airwrap mesh two-sided breatheable design features a lightweight texture perfectly adheres to the skin.  Low irritation:  Made from 100% fiber derived naturally from trees.”

I guess the mask only has three ingredients then?  But that’s not accurate because usually there is “water” and other fillers too.  Where is the list for the ingredients?

It says it’s suitable for all skin types and that each pouch contains 22 mL of essence.  It doesn’t say from which country of origin the sheet mask is from either.

Hmm, this brand was so different from the other sheet masks that I have used where they inform clearly what the ingredients are in a list.  This sheet mask also was missing the instructions!  How would a person know how to use the mask if they’ve never used it before and especially how long to leave the mask on?  This was so unprofessional.

I still opened the mask to try it out.  The scent wasn’t very strong and smelled “cottony”.  I wasn’t a big fan of it.

While on the face, it felt very densely moist and drenched.  At the one-hour point, the mask was still very dense and moist on my face, which proved the point about the “rich in essence” part being true.  I took it off after an hour as I usually do.  The mask itself was still very dense with serum which I used over my neck and legs.  It was still a good mask experience, I would say.  I just think it’s not consumer friendly not to share more information on its packaging — instructions, full official ingredient list, country of origin.

I tried to look online for their website, but “www.mentholatum.com.hk” could not be reached.  From Googling it, I can see that the brand sells face cleansers and other things but why is their website unavailable?  It’s so weird…

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