Vegan Options at L’Gros Luxe Québec

It was our last official night in Quebec and once more, we wanted to try a vegan restaurant.  Although we were already back in our hotel, we actually took an Uber out to this restaurant to try it out for dinner.  L’Gros Luxe Québec had some good reviews and were also one of the only restaurants that had availability for us on this Sunday evening.

L’Gros Luxe Québec was located on a quiet street with a residential neighbourhood around it.  Although we had called to make a reservation, we actually didn’t need to as the restaurant was very spacious inside and there were still many spots available.  It was a dark and dimly lit restaurant but with some rather interesting decor and quirky feel to the place.  It also felt like a bar with loud patrons and a lot of drink options on the menu.

Although I describe this restaurant as a vegan one, they serve vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes on their menu.  There’s something for everyone.

We had Mock Fried Chicken Burger which came with onion rings with honey(!).  The vegan burger had an artisanal bun, mock fried chicken, onion confit with beer, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and vegan mayo.

I was excited about this one especially since the side had onion rings with honey, which was itself a potential appetizer.  I had never had onion rings with honey before.  There were two small packets of honey on the side with the burger and it was actually really tasty!  Who would have known that honey paired well with onion rings?

The Mock Fried Chicken Burger was not bad and a large portion.  It wasn’t too outstanding though but the vegan mayo was good.

The Salmon Tartar was the only dish that was not vegan.  This had fresh salmon, pickled onions, fresh herbs, Dijon Mustard, capers, lemon juice and hot sauce, served with Miss Vicky’s chips, fries, and side salad.

I was fairly disappointed with this tartar dish.  It was a very small portion.  However, the salmon tartar did taste good.  The Miss Vicky’s chips were like nostaglia to me.

The Mexican Salad featured mock ground beef with iceberg lettuce, cheese, corn, cherry tomatoes, black beans, corn chips, guacamole, jalapeno-flavoured pickled cabbage, cilantro, and lime.  We actually ended up ordering this Mexican Salad instead of the tacos since both contained the mock ground beef.  The mock ground beef was very good actually and akin to the real thing.  It was a really good alternative to the actual thing.

My sweetie ordered the German bitburger alcohol-free beer, which was an interesting drink.  It definitely tasted like beer but without the alcohol.  I didn’t even know that these existed.

When we were done the meal, we did take a look at the dessert menu but there wasn’t anything super enticing.

Overall, I think the food and service at L’Gros Luxe Québec was all right.  There were indeed a lot of variety in their menu and we could return again to try their vegan mac and cheese, let’s say, but there was something missing that just didn’t make the restaurant outstanding like the other two restaurants we had enjoyed on this trip so far.  It was also a bit out of the way and you’d either have to drive or cab there.

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