Facial Sheet Mask Review: Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask box

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask box

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask from Kracie is a Japanese sheet mask that I’ve seen often on the shelves of Hong Kong drugstores.  There’s something about the blue and white picture that makes it recognizable.

There are five sheet masks in this box, making it one of the more luxurious ones whenever there are less than ten in a box in my opinion.  Each sheet mask contains 20 mL of essence.

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask back of box

Back of the box

This specific sheet mask’s intention was to brighten the face.  Unfortunately, everything on the box and sheet mask pouch was written in Japanese and I couldn’t read it.  Whenever this happens, I always skim the characters for digits to see how long I should leave the sheet mask on for.  This sheet mask was to be used for 5 to 15 minutes.  I liked that the sheet mask pouch was small and easy to travel with (also less plastic waste).

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask packet

One packet

When I opened the pouch, I noticed that the sheet mask itself was of a tougher paper quality.  It was a bit rough to the touch and when I put it on my face, it wasn’t very damp with essence.  After I applied it to my face (it seemed big on me) and I tried to squeeze more essence out of the pouch to apply to my face, there was barely any.  This was disappointing.  Ninety percent of the sheet masks I’ve reviewed thus far have extra essence left over from the pouch to slather on to the skin.  This one barely had any extra essence.

From this first experience, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask.  It wasn’t very hydrating and I didn’t notice any immediate brightening of the skin.

Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask back of packet

Back of packet

Update:  I tried a second sheet mask from this box, and this sheet mask had slightly more essence that I could squeeze out from the pouch, but still not that much when compared to other brands.  The essence is translucent and there isn’t much fragrance to it.

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2 Responses to Facial Sheet Mask Review: Hadabisei Brightening Facial Mask

  1. gchan7127 says:

    The brightening stuff gives me an allergic reaction. Sadly, I don’t use face masks because my skin is so sensitive and overreacts to so many things.

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