Week 11 brain dump

So many thoughts, milestones, and moments to remember and tuck away: 

  • She likes to lick her right fist now. Her fist is made to look like a cone and she licks the top of it like an ice cream. It’s so cute. More saliva than before.
  • Despite trimming her nails, she continues to have sharp edges and frequently scratches herself. We’ve put a mitten on her to prevent further scratches. She scratches so hard and forceful that she leaves so many small fresh marks behind. Luckily, they heal and scab over quickly.
  • She likes being held upright now. She looks all around the room and especially at bright objects.
  • She’s so fussy during the daytime now. At least she’s not fussy at night. At night, she is still waking up to feed every two or three hours. We had a stretch of four hours of sleep one night when my mom was holding her.
  • When she was a newborn, she passed out from the milk feeds so easily. Now when she’s done feeding, she doesn’t sleep right away anymore and cries out as if she wants more but she doesn’t. It’s hard to get her to sleep. We have to hold and walk around. I think she likes the motion which lulls her. It makes me think to how much “easier” it was to hold her while sleeping back then..
  • She’s really growing and we can see it. She’s almost 12 lbs if not already there. She has chunky thighs now and a bigger bottom than before. She’s really filled out. No more newborn slimness. She looks like an actual “baby” now. She’s much heavier than before when I’m holding her.
  • She’s started to coo and smile more consistently now! The smiles are so cute but not always spurred on by provoking her. She could be smiling by herself (not alone but as in holding her and just looking at her could entice a smile to come up).
  • The cooing is a bit like conversation now. We’ll talk to her and she’ll make sounds back as if she wants to talk.
  • A couple of times this week, I was downstairs and she was crying out. Her cries sounded a bit like the mannerisms of talking. 😄
  • She’s drinking a TINY bit more milk recently but still not enough to drain my supply. I definitely have an oversupply now. Every day, I’m putting in a bag of milk into the freezer. A friend of mine is going to take some of my milk for her baby. Yay!!!
  • Her hair has started to sprout more! It stands up straight on her head. 🙂
  • She likes to have her hands in fists all the time. I would normally associate a balled up hand as being stressed or feeling frustrated, but I think she is learning to grasp things. She holds her fists so hard that you can see the whiteness of her knuckles.
  • She cries so loudly at night when it’s time for feeds. She “cries” but it sounds like a yell for food. It’s very distinct than her other cries — more like a yell. 😂
  • Sometimes when she cries nowadays, she has tears in her eyes. Tears have formed!! It’s heartbreaking to see those tiny tears glisten in her eyeballs though and even worse when a teardrop rolls out onto her cheek :(.
  • She burps easier by herself now. The burps come easier when she’s held upright.
  • She likes to stare at one spot intently without blinking her eyes. Ken joked that she would win any staring contest hands down. 😂
  • She’s getting really good at tummy time now. I have to admit I was not good at making her do tummy time in the first two months consistently but now I make sure to schedule it in after a morning diaper change and before she starts yelling for milk — that’s when she is most alert and perfect for her to do some exercise before eating. After just 3 days where her head was flopping to the side, she was able to lift it up and hold it up. Yay!! She can lift it high and look at something (again intently in the distance without blinking 😂).
  • During tummy time, my mom will help her “crawl” by moving her hands one at a time and then her legs subsequently. I wonder if this does help her learn. Right now it’s progress when she has her head up and then even lifts one of her hands forward.
  • She doesn’t like it when we give her divided attention. E.g., if I’m holding her after a feed and I look at my phone for a few minutes, she will start crying. She wants me to keep talking to her and looking at her only. Same thing if Ken is holding her, she starts crying when I start talking to him. 😂🙄
  • She’s not so easy to feed these days. In the past, she used to take the bottle and drink until she was full and push out the nipple automatically when she was full. Nowadays, she might be fussy and crying. It can take a few tries and getting up and walking around for her to cry it out before she’s ready to eat. 🙄 Not sure why she does this. However, we have a suspicion that perhaps her teeth are coming in so her gums are sore which is why she cries when eating. She also “chews” on the bottle nipple often these days. Thank goodness I’m not breastfeeding.
  • My milk supply is steadily increasing in production. The app I use to track my supply shows my average is increasing. I have about 900ml of milk produced on average in a day.
  • The same thing that happened to my right nipple happened to my left one recently. It felt very irritated and inflamed. I suspected the flange size had to do with it; my left nipple had grown in size and now uses a 27mm flange just like the right side.


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1 Response to Week 11 brain dump

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Baby K knows what she wants. 😉

    “She doesn’t like it when we give her divided attention. E.g., if I’m holding her after a feed and I look at my phone for a few minutes, she will start crying. She wants me to keep talking to her and looking at her only. Same thing if Ken is holding her, she starts crying when I start talking to him.”

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