Brain dump week 18

Week 18:

  • Gone are the days where she used to pass out from milk. Now after finishing 20 to 60ml at a time (only), she’ll push out the bottle nipple and start fussing either for a nap (in grandma or dad’s arms) or a walk around the house.
  • She had her 4th month checkup where she had her oral vaccine and the same two shots as during her 2nd month checkup. This time, only one parent was allowed in the room due to the current covid lockdown in Ontario. She weighed 13.1 lbs!
  • The pediatrician asked if she has: started to laugh, tracks objects with her eyes, grab items with her hands, good neck control — all of which I answered yes to. Yay! He also checked her heart, lungs, eyes, hips, and bottoms for normal development.
  • He said that once she’s 6 months, she can start on solids since she is exclusively breastfed (to allow her to gain more nutrients via breastmilk and have less chance of being allergic to foods). (If a baby is formula fed, they can start solids upon turning 4 months old. Good to know!)
  • She has patches of dry skin, like on he knees and near her neck. The pediatrician said it’s a mild form of eczema or just dry skin in general due to Canada’s climate. Nothing a little lotion or vaseline can’t help.
  • She mostly “cries” to signal she needs milk, attention, or naps. She rarely cries because she’s distressed or in pain. The “cries” she exhibits are long drawn out blabbers and baby talk.
  • She is still so calm during bath times. 😀
  • While her little hands are still small, I can definitely tell they’ve grown and aren’t as tiny as when she was a newborn. It’s like a miniature adult hand.
  • She started to do a “pout cry” thing this week. She’ll pout and cry at the same time, making it a characteristic kind of cry.
  • Jan 24: I think the sleep regression has begun. She can barely sleep the minimum 4 hour stretch she was able to achieve a few weeks ago.. Now during the night, she wakes up almost every hour….. Not fun.
  • Time to start shopping for 3 to 6 month clothing. The stash of newborn to 3 month clothing that friends and family generously gave us is quickly being outgrown.
  • She is so good at tummy time now, being able to do 5 mins average at a time or 8.5 mins (new record as of Jan. 22).
  • Had a clog for the first time in months. So glad a boiling hot compress and massage during the pumping session cleared it in 10 mins flat. Such a relief when I was able to feel the clog dissipate underneath my fingers. It’s like the heavens opened up once the painful clog went away.
  • I have those bizarre dreams again just like I did when I first got pregnant. They’re vivid and strange and all over the place.
  • She naps for long stretches these days. Perhaps that’s the reason she sleeps so poorly at night and wakes up often?
  • She has some folds now in her wrist area. So chubby.
  • Along with the bizarre dreams, I have specific food cravings like I used to when I was pregnant. Cravings like vanilla ice cream, popcorn, instant noodles. I crave for carbs constantly actually (due to breastfeeding IMO).
  • Also shortly after I gave birth (so more than 4 months ago), I frequently dream that I’m pregnant with my second child already. They’re constant dreams. I dream I’m in the delivery room and pregnant again…
  • Hubby’s hair has gotten more white and grey since baby’s arrival.
  • Jan 27. Be careful what you wish for. I was so concerned about oversupply but now the tables have turned. The last two days, I have had to pull from the fridge stash since she’s started to drink more and I can’t keep up. Ahhh. I haven’t stored milk into the freezer since Jan 17. …
  • By this point, I’m down to four bottles of milk in the fridge and will have to start pulling from the freezer stash soon. No more milk freezing if I can’t even keep up.
  • Trying to eat and drink more as well as pump 4 times a day again to increase the supply. I really don’t want to supplement with formula and I want to have her drinking breastmilk as long as possible.
  • She started to drink more once we switched to the level 2 Dr Brown’s nipples.
  • Fourth month regression is real. She gets up so often after 3am to feed at least once an hour…
  • So hard to get her to fall asleep in my arms during the day.
  • She grasps objects tightly but is learning to let go of them. She doesn’t have full hand control just yet. Also she uses her right hand mostly.
  • The finger sucking is still a constant thing.
  • Even if she gags from her finger in her throat these days, she’s less likely to throw up than before.

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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3 Responses to Brain dump week 18

  1. smkelly8 says:

    Love the update. Glad everything is going well.

  2. gchan7127 says:

    Would you want another child, Karen? (Just wondering, since you said you dreamt about having a second child)

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