Highlights and moments of baby’s week 19

Week 19:

  • Ever since I started to pump 3 times a day, I noticed that my milk is tinted blue a little bit near the bottom of the bottle. It means that I have mostly foremilk.
  • This past week was operation “Protect the pump”!!! My supply tanked for a stressful 2 to 3 days. It suddenly dipped to about 770 a day which meant I was losing about 80ml a day compared to what I was consistently making before. I upped back my pumping session to 3 to 4 a day, ate and drank more, and tried to hold her as much as I could. It worked. I am back to a little over 800ml now. During the tanking, she finished off a good chunk of my refrigerator stock — a very good thing actually.
  • When I pumped 4 times a day, there was less blue tinted milk and thus less foremilk. This probably means I should keep up to 4 pumps every 24 hours to make sure I pump “deep” enough to get it all out.
  • Jan 30. She started responding to and play “peekaboo”! She giggled and laughed so much.
  • She started blowing raspberries! She definitely “talks” sometimes. Need to make sure we record more videos of these fleeting moments. She changes so much so often. That past “fish” face she used to do when she was 2 months or so is gone.
  • The moro reflex is definitely long gone now.
  • She can grab things that are near her like I mentioned last week. She doesn’t know and is learning how to let go. 😅😄
  • She takes 3 to 4 naps during the day. She still does contact naps. She can sleep for 2 hours if being held and only 1 hr or so by herself in the crib.
  • She watches us eat. She’ll tilt her head back to see what the person holding her is eating.
  • When daddy is holding her and she watches his mouth move from the chewing and eating, she has moved her own mouth like she’s chewing on quite a few occasions too.
  • With that being said though, she’s still not truly interested in eating yet. We have 1.5 months left until the clear to try solids. We need to get her a high chair still.
  • The night feeds continue.
  • She’s longer now and leaner. She’s not as chunky as a few weeks ago.
  • When sitting in the bouncer, she likes to hold and grab the Tigger toy and the wool mouse.
  • She likes looking at me through the reflection of the mirror. Whenever she sees me and I’m talking (whether to her or someone else in the room), she smiles and laughs.
  • Her laughs are the most adorable thing.
  • During the lockdown, all this baby knows is me, her dad, and her grandma.
  • Lots of drool coming from her mouth these days. She loves sucking her thumb.
  • She prefers the right hand still. It’s almost like she still hasn’t discovered the left hand yet. She will clasp her hands together sometimes and look at them.
  • She is easily distracted during feedings. If someone is talking (especially if it’s me and she’s being held and fed by someone else), she’ll turn and look at me. It disrupts her feedings 😅.
  • She is really good about staying still and quiet during any and all diaper changes. So far so good.
  • My tiger stripes are beginning to fade! They are still large and visible but now less red.
  • She has dry patchy winter skin. :/
  • She has a bald spot on the back of her head. This is a common thing in babies and it’ll grow out eventually. My assumption is that part of her head is bald because we’re holding her in that spot a lot (rest on the forearm) or because lately when she sleeps, she likes to turn her head from side to side. (Actually yes, other moms in the September group also said their babes do this too XD.)
  • My right breast has produced more milk from the beginning but I’ve noticed the left side catching up now.
  • She continues to lean forward and practising her neck strength.

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