Week 29 baby – Rolling over and Sitting up

Week 29 :

  • This week has been characterized by a lot of clinginess, fussiness, and unwilling to nap alone.  She didn’t contact nap after feeding and was irritable.
  • Yesterday, I realized that when we take her out for strolls recently, she’s started to sleep so I took her out for a walk.  She fell asleep immediately in the stroller because she was so tired.
  • I took her out for the longest walk at 1.5 hours.  I was so sore and did 10,000 steps easily.
  • Once I stopped pushing the stroller, her eyes would pop open.  I took a mid-walk selfie and she woke up during the very brief pause.  Once I started pushing the stroller and walking again, she fell back to sleep again.
  • This week, she has been rolling over in her crib consistently.  She would wake up and then push her legs against the railing to roll over on to her tummy.  While she cried the first several times because she was lying on her arms, she quickly learned to place them in front or on the sides like she usually does for tummy time.  I let her do tummy time this way until she started yelling out for real.
  • April 14:  She learned to roll over from her tummy to her back!  Three times!
  • She is happiest after a poo.  She was constipated for three days and kind of grumpy.  Once she released it all, she was a very happy camper.
  • Speaking of poos, they’re as stinky as ever.
  • And speaking of that, we routinely supplement formula for her either daily or every other day in addition to my breastmilk.  It relieves stress for me to feel like I need to keep up all the time.  I’m glad she’s getting some formula in to get extra nutrients.
  • She hasn’t been very interested in eating solids.  She will get a couple of spoonfuls in but then start crying.
  • She also isn’t putting objects into her mouth consistently yet so that’s why we haven’t done baby led weaning yet either.  We will do it when she’s ready.
  • She seemed to be going through a developmental leap this week because she also wouldn’t stay in her high chair for longer than 10 minutes.  Once she was picked up though, she was happy and fine.
  • While at the dinner time, she would swipe her hands and arms forward.  We need to make sure the area in front of her is clear otherwise she swipes all the bowls and plates out of the way.
  • She would also open and close her fists in rapid succession while on the table.  She likes to scratch the table.
  • When holding her this week, she liked to bounce her legs up and down and moving around.  She needs to be held tightly to counteract her bounces.
  • April 13:  She picked up the spoon with which I was using to feed her mashed carrots with and she held it.  She looked at it and then started giggling for a few minutes.  I giggled with her and she continued to giggle which was the cutest thing ever.  Baby giggles are the best.
  • The new solid foods this week included mashed sweet potatoes, mashed Japanese sweet potatoes, sucking on an onion.  We repeated some things like spinach, carrots, oatmeal, eggs inside the spinach, but not much else.  She wasn’t very interested in eating solids this week so there was no point in trying to force feed her (literally).
  • OH.  Another big thing this week was that she started to sit up by herself!  We can leave her on the bed or floor for a few minutes before she either starts tipping or crying because she’s uncomfortable.  She leans forward a lot though and sits as if she has a bad back.  This will slowly progress.
  • Also, while during tummy time, I noticed that when she was pushing and wiggling her bum, she actually moved backwards a little bit.  This is one of the first signs of being able to crawl.  (I’m not ready for the crawling part yet!)
  • She plays with her toes so often when she’s on her back.  She easily grabs them now.  I didn’t have to worry about this because she’s now learned to do it.
  • I’m so glad I get to work from home on transcripts.  Stenoing still brings me so much joy.  I like listening to people’s stories as well as knowing I’m contributing to society by recording down pieces of history.
  • Being able to work means I’m not just “mommy” all the time.  I get my own time away from her and I’m continuing my career still. 😀
  • I feel like my appetite is not what it used to be immediately postpartum, which is not a bad thing at all; I think I was overeating actually. I still have to eat to nourish but I can still full a lot sooner than before now.
  • Bb likes to swipe and pull at people’s faces, much like what the baby in the second square of the comic is doing. She will swipe at daddy’s face with no remorse whatsoever.
  • She likes to sleep on her side. I’ve seen her wake up in the crib, turn on her side, and then fall asleep easily.
  • She likes the jingly exersaucer downstairs in the living room more than the jungle one that’s in her room.
  • She grabs onto the pages of a book when I’m reading to her. I’m careful to use the board books instead of the regular page books for now in case she tears at the page accidentally. We brought up a box of the picture books I had as a kid to read to her. So many childhood favourites to reminisce on. Books are the best thing to carry forward.
  • We noticed a few times that she would sometimes clench her fists and then shake/shudder her whole body.  We have no clue why she does this but it’s quite unnerving… it’s something I should ask the pediatrician about… 
  • She has very strong legs.  Many times when we are holding her, she will push off with her legs.  If I’m sitting down and she happens to push on my thighs, it’s actually painful how hard she pushes. 
  • This week, because she has flipped so much while sleeping, we put the Nanit breathing band on her to check her breathing just in case she sleeps on her tummy and can’t breathe. It’s the first time we’ve actually used it on her. We didn’t even use it when she was a newborn for some reason. The monitor showed her breathing slow down from 30 breaths per minute to 20 gradually. 


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1 Response to Week 29 baby – Rolling over and Sitting up

  1. gchan7127 says:

    LOLOL. “She will swipe at daddy’s face with no remorse whatsoever.”

    It’s so interesting reading about Baby K’s growth and actions XD

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