Week 30 Baby

Week 30!

  • Apr 15: We tried to put her on a potty today so that she could start learning how to eliminate her output in it versus a diaper.  It was my mom’s idea (a very popular concept to practise).  We put her on the little ducky potty and helped her to “go”.  We aimed for a poop.  To our surprise, she actually did a wee!  Yay!  We didn’t know she had gone until we lifted her and saw the little pool of yellow.  Good job, baby!  The goal is to try to put her on the potty at least once a day for her to get used to it.  It’s also healthy for a baby to be diaperless a few times a day for them to feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • We tried an allergen today:  Almond butter.  We don’t have peanut butter at home otherwise we would have tried that.  We gave her a little spoonful and she actually moved it around in her mouth and swallowed it all.  Yay.  It was topped up after with a little banana.
  • After the almond butter tasting, she put her hands into her mouth as usual and her little hand was all sticky and needed a good wipe.
  • Apr 21. Since that first day of unofficial “potty training”, my mom has diligently been putting the baby on the potty daily to encourage her output. We are unintentionally practising “elimination communication”.
  • The second day, bb actually had poo and pee in the potty!! Wow, good job, baby!
  • She goes pee every time in the potty daily so far. Is she aware that she’s peeing, or is she just going because she needs to?
  • Rolling over in bed is a regular occurrence. We have to rescue her since she’s not able to roll back over consistently yet.
  • Got her to suck on a few vegetables during dinner time like Chinese greens, bok choy, and broccoli. Also got her to suck on a toasted piece of bread too (my morning toast).
  • She’s learning to hold the food item firmly in her hand. She likes to tear the food apart. She tore a piece of broccoli two times already.
  • We started her on the organic baby smooth oatmeal. It’s a popular brand that two mommies I know use it to feed their babies. Bb ate a lot of this on the first day when we gave it to her but since has waned interest again.
  • On Apr 20, I was able to get her to successfully fall asleep by herself in the crib during the first daytime nap. Yay! I kinda did this inadvertently. I was so sleepy and tired and so was bb. It was time for her morning nap. The contact feeding didn’t put her into a state of milk drunkenness and so she wouldn’t sleep even though she was tired. I turned on the white noise feature of the Nanit camera. When it was on, she noticed it immediately. She kept fussing and crying and I told her from where I was laying down in the room that it was time to sleep several times. After one checkup on her, she actually fell asleep in about 15 to 20 minutes. Yay! Had I been holding her to sleep, it would have taken around the same time too. This way, i didn’t even have to hold or rock her to sleep. Yay.
  • That was a one-time occurrence so far though..I wasn’t able to replicate it for the second nap of the day.. and not since that day either. I know the white noise feature does work at least.
  • Still haven’t been purposely giving her purees or foods to hold. She’ll learn to eat when it’s time.
  • We finished 1 container of formula finally. I’ve been able to feed her breastmilk for 90% of her everyday meals. I’m so proud of myself. ^_^
  • This week, I had a bout of painful nipples..more specifically the left side. It was really painful the first seconds of turning the pump on but the pain subsided after a few minutes. It would also hurt when being pinched by the haakaa too. It was red and cracked. It was actually painful with sharp pains following the session too. For a say I’d so, I thought I had thrush and would have to go see a doctor 😦
  • Long story short, it felt better after 2 days. I practised more extra careful hygiene (to prevent bacteria from causing thrush), soap and water to the nipples, eating more probiotic foods like yogurt, kimchi, and natto to balance out my bacteria flora.
  • Oh, and she turned 7 months too!! We had a ube cake to celebrate (trying a new cake and new baker every month).

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