Week 31 Baby – rolling onto belly to sleep

Baby sleeping on stomach

Baby sleeping on stomach

Week 31:

  • Since last week, I am sometimes hungry but don’t have an appetite..especially during the last meal of the day: dinner. Maybe it’s because I’m very slowly reverting back to pre-baby weight and my body is gradually needing less calories than before. Or that I had over eaten previously and not my body is like, Stop eating so much.
  • Apr 23: she tried congee for the first time! My mom made oatmeal congee with pork, parsley, and fish. She ate a few spoonfuls as usual.
  • Apr 24: she started really “talking” today by saying “na na na” and “la la la la” really clearly during dinner time after she sucked on a piece of bok choy (and demolished it by banging it on the tray). We were amazed. She is starting to enunciate consonants!! It was so clear too.
  • When frustrated, she’s not crying out but also na-na-na-ing.
  • Her hands are much bigger than before.
  • Did I mention last week that we got extra cameras for the house? One acts as a security camera and the second one is for her room. She already has the Nanit camera, but this one is useful because she’s been sleeping on her side (and sometimes face down which freaks us out on the Nanit camera), so this extra one helps us see her bed level view. It’s like up close and personal to her face. Her sleeping face is so cute.
  • Another week, another pumping issue. This time, a stubborn clog has returned. -_-
  • I noticed my pumping/breastfeeding issues usually come up on the Friday/Saturday which means the entire weekend is dedicated to resolving it which means my weekend is barely used for other things.
  • I know why the clog happened this time. Not only have I started to slack off on pumping every 3 to 4 hours again after my supply started to return after the bout of mastitis, but I got lazy and didn’t do the hot compresses before pumping regularly anymore. Also, I’ve been preoccupied with discussions about this week that I type my smartphone while pumping. This means my hands aren’t massaging while pumping. It means less output. Therefore, a stubborn clog showed up on the left breast. Did the haakaa epsom salt hack again as well as blasting hot water on it in the shower. Neither was an immediate solution.
  • I also visited my usual TCM doctor about it because she mentioned she could clear up clogs and mastitis effectively when she knew about my mastitis episode. So I decided to give it a go and visit.
  • The TCM doctor used acupuncture and cupping on my left shoulder area to alleviate the clog. Now I’ll know to frequently massage that area of my shoulder to prevent future clogs. It’s like reflexology but for the body.
  • Apr 28: all this week, she’s been turning in her sleep and facing sideways or sleeping on her tummy. It is scary to see and when we check up on her, she’s fine. I read online in the mommy groups that lots of babies tend to sleep on their stomachs once they start rolling over and it’s normal. Some babies even sleep better while on their tummy.
  • We spoon feed her baby oatmeal or finger-size portions of carrots, chayote, Chinese greens to suck on. She’s learning to coordinate holding the food item to her mouth to eat it.
  • Whenever we set her down somewhere, she rolls over in a matter of minutes and effectively begins to do tummy time. She rolled back to her back a handful of times but it’s not consistent. She still relies on us to flip her back.
  • If hubby is holding her and I happen to not be looking at her, she actually goes “hey” or grunts or makes a sound in my direction to get attention. She needs to learn how to address us properly 😂
  • Took a day and a bit, but the clog in my left breast cleared out. I can’t be lazy with my pumping sessions. I need to be focused and massage it too while pumping in order to get all the milk out.
  • These days I get so tired that I can doze off while writing in my diary at night before bed.
  • Her outbursts are extra cute now that she babbles with consonants.
  • She loves kicking hard, especially before bedtime where she’ll kick on the changing table excitedly.
  • I’m going to miss contact naps as she grows older.
  • Similarly, holding her = a hug perfectly close to the body. The snuggled fit is perfect. I’ll miss these when she’s older. She holds onto us with our arms like a koala bear.
  • She tried an orange for the first time. We held up half a slice to her and she sucked the orange juice out. I get scared when she bites off more than she can chew. I’m scared she will choke on the food.
  • She successfully held a long piece of carrot in her hand to put into her mouth to eat.
  • I finally got a wooden xylophone for her to play with (did I mention this yet?).
  • Since last week, we started putting her in diapers a size up for the nighttime. So she’s in size 3 Kirkland diapers for the night. She had woken up a few times with a wet diaper that leaked and since switching to a size up, she’s been good. She can actually wear the size 3 diapers in the daytime even, but we have about a sleeve and a half left of the size 2 so we’ll finish those first.
  • Nowadays when pumping, I’ll grab a bottle with the nipple, an extra lid, and a 150ml bottle with the duckbills and flange as my basic setup. I used to put the milk into two 150ml bottles but now I’ll directly pour the milk from the haakaa side into it. It saves on using a bottle and saves breastmilk in general from having to be transferred from one bottle to another. My mom actually asked me about this before but I had wanted to keep the milks separate from each breast. Nowadays this just makes sense. “Don’t waste my milk!”

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    LOL “If hubby is holding her and I happen to not be looking at her, she actually goes “hey” or grunts or makes a sound in my direction to get attention.” AHAHAHAHA. So cute!!

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