Week 67 — first haircut!, clingy and only choosing mom

Baby sleeping in crib

All of her sleeping positions are so amusing to me

Ongoing weekly baby and mommy chronicles.  Week 67:

  • Dec 31 ’21:  I cut her bangs today!  I had wanted to do so a few days ago already since her hair was starting to get in her eyes but just didn’t get around to it.  Surprisingly, she didn’t cry or dislike it.  Grandma held her while I took a pair of scissors to trim her bangs.  I didn’t do it well though so it is slightly uneven.  Oh, well lol.  When DH tried to snip a bit more to even it out, she didn’t let him lol.  
  • She is sleeping TERRIBLY.  She gets up at 12 to 1 a.m. ish and it takes DH to soothe her to sleep for at least an hour and sometimes two hours.  She also threw up again last night all of her milk and blueberries that she ate after dinner.  Sigh. 
  • Got my COVID-19 booster shot yesterday.  I only have a sore arm so far.  I was a little warm this morning before I ate my first meal of the day but then it receded and I felt fine afterwards. 
  • Jan 3: She only clings to me. Prefers me over DH and grandma.  She asks me to read books to her and even though grandma or DH is there to read the same book, she shakes her head “no” and hands the book to me. 
  • She upgraded from not just basement play but playing with the stair banisters by holding the rails and rocking them violently.. I’m almost afraid she’ll pull them apart but I know she can’t be that strong.
  • She can repeat almost anything now quite clearly. Says “da zi” (type), “duck” when seeing the duck in the book, “guo zeen” (scissors in the book), her longest one yet: “guo tong gung gui” (transportation although the last character is missed. She can fill in the number “8”/”bat” when we are counting with her!
  • She likes to take my hand to lead me to play with her. It’s the cutest thing.
  • She likes to use her hands to scratch/go through the vent to make noise. She requests me to hit the door stopper to make noise.
  • Her left molar is starting to come in! Her right molar is fully out now and it’s made a big difference in her chewing.
  • In the mornings, I say “chat ahh” and she knows it’s time to brush her teeth and actually brings me her teeth brushing kit (brush and toothpaste which I keep in a eyeglass case). Smart!
  • She is such a little person now. She can smile into the camera when we take photos. 
  • DH took her out twice this past week to play in the backyard snow. Yay, outdoor sensory play!!
  • She’s been reading more books again this week/asking us to read more books again. We have many more Chinese/English books now thanks to her grandparents’ Xmas gift.
  • Her favourite book this week is the transportation one. She likes the “fei gay” (airplane) and “zit sing gay” (helicopter) the most. She says “fei gay” clearly. 
  • Jan 4: Now that I don’t pump anymore, I don’t have the time carved out for me to enjoy a slew of YouTube videos anymore each day 🤣.  Even though I don’t pump anymore, I am still so tired and can sleep like a log.  DH is still the one who takes care of her during the night.  
  • I got a 2.5 TOG sleep sack for her off of FBM ($5!) in hopes that she will sleep better with a warmer comfier sleep sack.  When I got it though, it seems like the current sleep sack that we have for her (non-labelled) is actually 2.5 TOG already too.  We also put an extra layer on her (onesie) underneath her long sleeve and footie onesie.  She did sleep a bit more soundly and “only” woke up twice a night. 
  • She can pronounce the second syllable for “por por” now.  Of course, grandma is thrilled about this. 

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