Polish Food at Hastings Snack Bar

Hastings Snack Bar food spread

Hastings Snack Bar located at 5 Hastings Ave in Toronto

We had such a great lunch at Hastings Snack Bar.  This small restaurant is located on 5 Hastings Avenue in Toronto (Leslieville neighbourhood).  They serve polish food and is a small mom and pop shop. 

Their specials menu changes every day (you can see what they offer before you stop by on their Instagram page).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only counter/bar seating for dine-in (but they do have a patio that you can sit on while the weather is still nice out).  There were a lot of people dining in and we were glad to get two seats (as well as utilize their only high chair for the toddler).

Hastings Snack Bar storefront


Hastings Snack Bar seating


We ordered the specials of the day:  Leek Soup, Roasted Pork Sandwich, and Vegan Cabbage Roll.  (These were the specials on October 4.)

Hastings Snack Bar menu and prices

Breakfast and coffee menu

Hastings Snack Bar menu and prices

Lunch menu and pierogies

Leek Soup

Leek Soup. $8

We were served the Leek Soup first which was such a comforting bowl of hot soup.  There was such a homey and cozy feel to it like we were dining in someone’s home kitchen (which we kind of were).  There were lots of fatty bacon, potatoes, soft carrots, and leek in the aromatic soup.  It wasn’t heavy but chock full of ingredients and flavour.

Leek Soup

Look at all that rich flavour and ingredients

Roasted Pork Sandwich

Roasted Pork Sandwich. $13

The Roasted Pork Sandwich was nicely plated and looked so good.  There was a big knife that was stabbed right in the center of the sandwich.  The olive oil garnish around the sandwich made it look fancy too.  This pork sandwich was so large that it resembled more of a burger than a sandwich.  There were so many pieces of tender roasted pork layered in the sandwich.  The pickles, tomatoes, onions, and julienne carrots were so fresh and were a great fit with the roasted pork.  This was such a delicious and filling sandwich!


Roasted Pork Sandwich

A look at the cross-section of the sandwich

The Vegan Cabbage Roll came with a good portion of pickled slaw and pickles.  The cabbage roll had lots of rice and filling in it.  It was pretty good too.

Vegan Cabbage Roll

Vegan Cabbage Roll. $10

Vegan Cabbage Roll

Lots of filling in the cabbage roll

I love small mom and pop local family restaurants like these.  They really are stand-out choices.  We were thoroughly satisfied and enjoyed our visit at Hastings Snack Bar.  It was nice to sit at the counter for a change and watch the staff work as well.  The female owner (I believe) was so nice and friendly.  There were a lot of customers coming in and out for dine-in or take-out or for coffee too.  It’s truly worth a visit to this “hole in the wall” as I never would have expected such tasty and affordable food just from passing by it.  Had we had more time and stomach space, it would have been great to try their sweet and savory pierogis as well!

Hastings Snack Bar interior

Homey atmosphere

Hastings Snack Bar interior

Lots of decor and detail


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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Ohhh! This is very close to where I live! I think I’ve seen it, but never tried it before. I’ll check it out one day!!

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