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The AC is on

It’s so hot in the GTA this week that I finally broke down and turned on the air conditioning unit. I broke my record of four years of not switching the AC unit on since moving into this house in … Continue reading

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Something random and something fun

One of those Facebook quizzes or old e-mail chains that people like to share.  Instead of sharing it on social media (wait, does WordPress count as social media?), I’m putting it here as a blog post.  Enjoy! 1. What was … Continue reading

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Follow Me on Bloglovin

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I made a funny today.  During the break time, one of the lawyers was eating a slice of cake from the kitchen and commented that the reporting agency had really good food.  I said, “So I guess this place takes … Continue reading

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Restaurant Story

I’m a little embarrassed to put up this post, but it’s okay because 90% of my friends probably don’t read this space anyway (Oh, wait.  What’s that sudden increase of views from Canada lately even though I haven’t put up … Continue reading

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Snow in April 2013!

I like to be egotistical and think that because I was away from Toronto during its wintery season that I missed the snow and cold temperatures so Mother Nature is giving me a taste of what I missed.  Snow in … Continue reading

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First World Problems

I can’t believe I’m writing about this, but I’m currently facing a dire first world problem. 😦 I’ve been alerted by my Internet provider that I’ve reached 75%+ of my Internet usage for the month! ! ! !  (How did … Continue reading

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