So cute! Soft and warm babies ^_^

Time for some cuteness. Here are some pictures of the puppies that my aunt and uncle brought home a few weeks ago. The first weekend we went to pick them up, my aunt picked up a girl and a boy. They were super cute and vulnerable; only around two months old! Born on the second day of this year’s lunar new year..the 11th of February, 2013. They’re a mix of Chihuahua and Shih Tzu & Bichon.

I’m such a good photographer..

I used an ipad mini to take these pictures. I bought it for my mom, but you know how sometimes when you buy a gadget for someone and it turns out to be so convenient and fun to try out that you just end up using it for yourself? Yea….. >_< . So anyway, upon using this tablet to take pictures instead of my usual phone or digital camera, I realised that the phone function on the ipad mini is actually really crap… The quality is not that great. Maybe because we were in a semi darkly lit room where there wasn’t much sunlight, but the pictures only turn out in sunlit areas or with non-close ups. I find it actually disappointing. Is it just me? Do other people who have an ipad mini also not like the phone quality?

Anyway, despite all this, my keen eye and use of sharp angles still make these babies look adorable and attractive and that’s all that matters. 🙂

I’m actually using said tablet to write this post. I do love the convenience of it and how user friendly it is. Yay!

Look at that face lol. “I am up to no good”. This dog belongs in the Harry Potter franchise.

They couldn’t stop chewing my mom’s shoe

Aww, why so troubled, old man. Do you require a doggy cane?

Innocent and naive

they look so confused here

Then, last weekend, my other uncle went back to the lady (not really a breeder; she was pretty much giving them out because she couldn’t find  a home for them) and picked up his own two dogs — two boys. So now my family has four of the dogs from the same litter!

Walking together

Eating together

Getting laughed at because of his ridiculous peeing method. Seriously?! I am NOT picking you up for a hug if you continue to expel wastes like that

Please love me

My uncle asked me for suggestions on what to call these babies. If it were my choice, I would call the light one Cookie or Coffee and the dark one Brownie. He took my suggestion and did name one Brownie :).

This one makes me laugh out loud

This one makes me laugh out loud


What are you looking at?

Getting sleepy at this point


This picture reminds me of this cute cat video..



Aaaand that’s all. I’ll be visiting my aunt and uncle in the near future to play with these babies and then can probably add to this cute collection of pictures. Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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