Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Lake Tekapo

Shores of Lake Tekapo, April 2015

“For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire” — elemental.  I dug up this photo that I took in New Zealand when we were touristing the Church of the Good Shepherd, a church in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.  This view is of the shores of Lake Tekapo.  It was a very sunny and beautiful morning with our tourmates and other tourists strolling along the rocky shores.

This photo shows all four elements: the rocks of the Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. April 2015

I think better theme ideas should be in place soon.  “Trio” has already been done before!  Anyway, I looked through my albums and I did find a somewhat interesting trio picture.  When I went to New Zealand earlier this year (I actually can’t believe it was only earlier this year that I was there; it feels like it was so much longer than that!) Continue reading