Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Lake Tekapo

Shores of Lake Tekapo, April 2015

“For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire” — elemental.  I dug up this photo that I took in New Zealand when we were touristing the Church of the Good Shepherd, a church in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.  This view is of the shores of Lake Tekapo.  It was a very sunny and beautiful morning with our tourmates and other tourists strolling along the rocky shores.

This photo shows all four elements: the rocks of the Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

 ducks in New Zealand

Rainbow Springs, New Zealand. April 2015

In my quick search for a fitting photo for this week’s challenge, I came across this photo very quickly.  This was taken in New Zealand inside Rainbow Springs in Rotorua on our third day in the country.  We were touring around the facility, a kiwi wildlife park, and there was a peaceful pond with these ducks just waddling about.   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Glacier Explorers, Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Glacier Explorers, Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. April 2015

This is actually a truly rare sight.  I was travelling in New Zealand last year and visiting the famous Mount Cook Aoraki area.  Part of the itinerary was the Glacier Explorers tour in the Tasman Glacier terminal lake where we wore lifejackets and sat in a boat to view the amazing glaciers and mountains around us.  Low and behold, we chanced upon a look at a freshly fallen iceberg.   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. April 2015

I think better theme ideas should be in place soon.  “Trio” has already been done before!  Anyway, I looked through my albums and I did find a somewhat interesting trio picture.  When I went to New Zealand earlier this year (I actually can’t believe it was only earlier this year that I was there; it feels like it was so much longer than that!) Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

Hamilton, New Zealand. April 2015

First I first saw “on the way” as this week’s theme, I already had in mind what I was going to show and tell.  Whenever I get into my car and into the driver’s seat, I usually text and send a message to whoever I’m about to meet to tell them “on my way” or “omw” for short (everything’s shortened nowadays).   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Mt. Cook, New Zealand.  April 2015

Without a doubt, this is a force of nature to me.  Just look at those huge looming mountains and large surfaces of land that has erupted out of the earth.  It’s truly incredible.  Man couldn’t make that even if he tried because there’s nothing as unique as nature and what it can create and destroy.  (Lame? :)).   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Rainbow Springs, New Zealand. April 2015

When we were in New Zealand last month, we visited Rainbow Springs, a haven in New Zealand where hundreds of native trees and wildlife live.  It’s also a place where they have raised and released more than 1,200 kiwi birds into the wild.  During our tour in the facility, we were greeted with many of these beautiful coastal Redwood trees.  These are different from the giant sequoia trees as they’re more slender and have these beautiful intricate leaves.   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Millennium Hotels and Resorts – Copthorne, New Zealand. April 2015

On the third night of our travels in New Zealand, we had a performance after our dinner buffet right at the hotel where we were staying at.  On the lower level, there was a pool that also doubled as a stage and performance area.  The Māori Warriors were performing a war dance/show for us that night.   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Queenstown, New Zealand. April 2015

Last week’s photo challenge was going to be of this picture, but then I thought better of it and decided to use this one instead.  Since my arrival in HK nearly three weeks ago, I’ve been travelling around HK, to New Zealand, Macau, and now back in HK.  All of life goes so fast and it’s hard to believe that I will soon be going home next week.   Continue reading