TO Food Fest 2013!

I attended the second annual TO Food Fest yesterday in the blistering heat. The event features well known food trucks and eateries selling their most popular yummies in a food show. It’s sort of like the night markets except during the day. The event began at 1 p.m. and lasted until 6 p.m. The weather was around 33 degrees on Sunday, but it felt like 40 degrees since it was the peak of the sun’s rays at that time. We made sure to get there a little early since we knew that parking would be a more than packed. We touched down at around 12:50 p.m. — a little later than I had intended to be there — and the main parking lot was already full. Luckily, we were able to find a parking lot in a nearby Indian plaza and walked 3 minutes to where the grounds were.

The first food truck we saw was for the lobster roll! Lots of people were there already, but compared to when we left, we counted our lucky stars that we actually were there early enough to avoid the lines. By the time we ate a bit of food here and there, the sun was glowing and shining down even worse on people and the barbecue smoke was like a haze around all of the hungry people and raving foodies.

Anyway, I would have to say that I tried quite a variety of food. Sometimes it’s hard to eat a lot when it’s so hot outside. Here are the pictures! ūüėÄ

Lobster roll! So delicious!

Lobster roll! So delicious!

The lobster roll from Buster’s Sea Cove food truck was so delicious! ¬†The lobster was succulent and fresh and abundant! ¬†I wish it was a little bigger though as I would have loved to have another bite. ūüėÄ

Indonesian street food. ¬†Babi on a bun. ¬†Pork belly on a bun! ¬†(braised pork belly on a fried Chinese bun with sambal mayo.) ¬†It was really cute and yummy. ¬†The bun was lightly fried to a crispy crunch and the pork belly wasn’t fatty at all. ¬†Really yummy. ūüėÄ

Toronto’s first camel burgers¬†from Casbah! ¬†I’ve never had camel meat before and was a little disappointed with this one. ¬†The line barely moved, and it took a really long time for this to be made. ¬†The meat was kind of dry and I didn’t find the camel meat to be that noteworthy. ¬†It was paired with caramelized onions.

Gourmet mini pizza¬†from Little Tomato! ¬†I was really impressed with this one, both with the presentation and the taste. ¬†I chose the Morrocan pizza which had merguez, harissa, olives, caramelized onions, and GRIZZLY BEAR! ¬†I’m still not sure if it was real Grizzly bear meat that I had, since I never thought that it could be sold to be eaten here… much less as a pizza topping lol. ¬†I loved the olives that were on it though and it was a little spicy overall. ¬†I really enjoyed it!

Shrimp ceviche¬†from Chanchitos. ¬†I’ve always wanted to try a ceviche so when I saw this, I jumped on the chance. ¬†It was extremely refreshing after all of the meaty foods I had had and this vendor was inside the air-conditioned building which made it nice to enjoy. ¬†The plantain chips on the top were really good too.

Overall, I loved this event! Looking back at all of the vendors that participated, I wish that I had the room in my belly for more food (I mean, just look at this list! ¬†I only got to try 5 things that day out of the 36+), and for nicer, less desert-like conditions that day. ¬†This was the second year that they hosted this event, and I’m confident that there will be more people attending next year now that more people know about it. ¬†Really excited to have more of these foods! ūüėÄ

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