Summerlicious 2014 Restaurant #2: Bloom Restaurant

Located at 2315 Bloor St W in Toronto

Joyce and I agreed to go to a Summerlicious restaurant to hang out and catch up.  I would have never expected this Latin American restaurant, Bloom, to be as good as it was.

Firstly, the restaurant itself is decorated very artfully modern.  It felt so comfortable and relaxed to sit there.  The host, Pedro, cracked a joke with us as we entered and introduced himself.  I liked how he took the time to learn our names which has never happened to me at a restaurant unless it was one that invited me for blogging purposes.  He told us he had a background of being Peruvian and something else.  Our server, Jodi, was from Peru and full Peruvian.  He took our orders promptly without a moment’s hesitation and the rest of the night followed suit.  I liked how as soon as we were done one course of the meal, the table was swiftly cleared and we didn’t have to wait very long for the next course to arrive.  The transition between courses was the smoothest I’ve ever seen.

Bloom restaurant offers Nuevo Latino dishes

Grilled Calamari, Tossed in Arugula-Cilantro and Onion Mojo Salad

We started off with the Seafood Ceviche and Grilled Calamari.  Oh my goodness, that grilled calamari was cooked perfectly! It was soft and tender and tasted amazing.  It had a hint of smokey flavour from being grilled but was oh, so tender.  I couldn’t believe how good it tasted.  The sweet onion salad on the side were a great pairing too.  Delicious!

I had the Seafood Ceviche.  Nowadays whenever I see ceviche on the menu (speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve seen a ceviche on the appetizer option of a Summerlicious offering — I feel so grateful about that), I always want to order it because I feel like to this day, I still haven’t tasted ceviche that’s out of this world yet.  The first time I remember having/blogging ceviche was at last summer’s TO Food Fest (which I’ll be missing because I’ll be out of town).

Chef’s Selection Seafood, Lemon Juice, Habanero Pepper, Cilantro

Anyway, this ceviche was presented in a cute little glass and contained very well made lemon juice.  The seafood in it was so-so as it could have been a little more smooth and soft.  Either way, it wasn’t bad.  Joyce really liked it though. 🙂

Salmon Filet with Smokey Ancho Pepper Sauce, Grilled Asparagus Quinoa Salad

For our main courses, we had the Peppered Salmon and Anticucho Andinos  (beef tenderloin skewers).  Again, the presentation for both courses was beautiful!  I can see why they call themselves ‘Nuevo Latino’ cuisine now on their storefront.  Their food is very well done yet presented in a such a modern fashion — really well done.

The salmon was perfectly cooked.  It was tender inside and the flavour was infused with Smokey Ancho Pepper Sauce and very rich.  I also liked the quinoa as well.


Beef Tenderloin Skewers, Marinated in Aji Panca, with Jicama Slaw and Chimichurri

I was at first a little surprised at how small the portions were but they ended up to be a decent size — not so much that you can’t finish it yet not so little that you want to go to another restaurant for a second dinner.  I liked the beef tenderloin skewers.  The meat was tender and moist!  I also found the big thick fries very interesting as they were crunchy on the outside but mushy on the inside like mashed potatoes.  The vegetables were also infused with flavour and I couldn’t resist picking up each piece with some of the seasoning that was left behind from the beef.  Yum!

The Chef’s Grandma’s recipe for Guava Bread Pudding, served with Spiced Crème Anglaise

Dessert was an ice cream log and guava bread pudding using Chef’s Grandma’s special recipe.  Joyce absolutely loved the bread pudding, praising that it was one of the best bread puddings she’s ever had.  I loved the first bite too, but I found the entire dessert a bit too sweet afterwards.  The bread pudding itself was quite well done though and the fresh berries on the side made it look even better.

I liked the uniqueness of Joyce’s frozen ice cream log.  At first bite, I tasted a bit of a grainy oatmeal-like texture in the almond pralines that were embedded in the ice cream.  It was definitely different.  The ice cream itself was creamy and soft. 🙂

Almond Praline Frozen Ice-Cream Log

An unexpected yummy restaurant

Overall, Joyce was extremely pleased with this restaurant.  I was also happy with the food but felt that perhaps more substance in the main and dessert could have been had.  Maybe I’ve been eating out so much lately that I’ve expanded my stomach capacity, but either way, Bloom is a solid 10 out of 10 stars Latin American restaurant. 🙂

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6 Responses to Summerlicious 2014 Restaurant #2: Bloom Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    Right off the bat you’re greeted by a host who wants to know your name and make you feel welcome, that’s awesome! personal touch makes all the difference eh!

    I love Ceviche and that looks so good :9

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