Hush Restaurant, Bar & Patio

The inside of Hush Restaurant looking into King Street West and right across from the TIFF Bell Lightbox at 303 King Street West in Toronto

Tonight, after a mighty hard workout session, Holly, Steph, and I dropped into Hush Restaurant to have a bite to eat.  Holly and I ended up splurging by ordering three courses of food, but it was such a lovely night to eat and chat together. 🙂 Foodie love!

The inside of Hush is exceptionally romantic and fancy.  I felt a little underdressed since we had just come from a workout session, even if we were changed out of our workout gear, we weren’t dressed to eat at a fancy place.  Nevertheless, the service was pretty good and I’m sure the request to split two burgers so that Holly and I could share each other’s burgers was a little out of place.

We ordered a “Baja Lobster Taco” to share.  It had a “hs” symbol next to it which meant that it was a Hush Signature; a popular item to order.  The plate came with three tacos.  The ingredients were really fresh and the smoked jalapeño brought out the flavour when I bit into it.  I didn’t taste the lobster very much, but I was impressed with the fresh and big piece of creamy avocado that was in it.  The shell was pretty decent too; not too hard.

Baja Lobster Taco — Chilled lobster, pico de gallo, smoked jalapeño corn salsa, shredded lettuce, sliced avocado & cilantro sour cream in soft tortilla shells. $14

One of the Baja Lobster Tacos

Lobster Grilled Cheese — Langostino Lobster, mozzarella, cheddar and brie on toasted focaccia bread. Served with cocktail sauce for dipping. $16

For her entree, Stephanie ordered the “Lobster Grilled Cheese” sandwich.  I was originally planning to order this since it sounded so amazing.  However, since I wanted to try the popular Baja Lobster Taco, an overload of lobster probably wasn’t a good idea.  Steph said her sandwich was pretty good but she also didn’t taste a lot of lobster in it; the cheese was very overwhelming.  Probably in a good way?  I liked how the restaurant cut up the sandwich into four pieces so that it was easily dippable into the cocktail sauce on the side.

Holly and I both ordered burgers.  Like I mentioned above, we requested to have them sliced in half so that we could each try each other’s.  The server kindly gave us a knife instead for us to cut so that we wouldn’t get a mushed burger for our first impression of it.

We both liked the “Melrose” burger.  It was very flavourful.  I liked the harvarti cheese and the sauce which made the burger less dry.  The meat on this burger was good as well.

Melrose — Avocado, melted jalapeno havarti cheese, field greens and grilled red onion with sun dried tomato aioli. $13.50

The El Dorado burger was a “hs” item.  Unfortunately, we both thought it didn’t exceed our expectations.  It was a little more dry than the Melrose burger; in fact, it was little burnt.  I thought it was cool that it came open-faced with several tortilla strips on top of the burger.  When biting the burger, you could taste the crunchy strips in your mouth.  On their own though, the tortilla strips were pretty bland.

El Dorado — Avocado, freshly made salsa, sour cream, melted mozzarella & cheddar cheeses topped with crispy tortilla strips. $14.50

The hand-cut Yukon Gold fries that came with my burger were very crispy and good.  I found them a little over-salted, and this was even more pronounced when the fries were left on the table and not eaten immediately.

Chocolate Caramel Souffle — A rich, moist chocolate souffle with a warm caramel centre, served with vanilla bean gelato drizzled in caramel. $8

Lastly, we finished with a sweet dessert.  We were originally thinking of getting the HUSH shot glass dessert which was only $2.  However, when the server described it as pretty much “mousse in a shot glass”, I figured it wasn’t worth the money and chose the Chocolate Caramel Souffle instead.  This was very good.  It came with two huge scoops of vanilla bean gelato with a big chocolate souffle in the middle with a big river of caramel sauce.  Unlike some places that have cheap and watery caramel, this one was very rich and thick.  It was very yummy!  The souffle was also hot and moist.

Close-up of the Chocolate Caramel Souffle

Altogether, the meal was complete and we left the restaurant feeling very full!  I’m not sure if I’ll return to this restaurant again since what I wanted to try was accomplished on this night.  The place is very nice though, and the servers let you take your time with your meal.  It’s a great date-night place.

Here is Holly’s review of our night! 🙂

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3 Responses to Hush Restaurant, Bar & Patio

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  2. hollyedejer says:

    Haha, maybe we shouldn’t do dinner+reviews together anymore because we just end up talking about a lot of the same things. 😛 Fun times! That close-up of the chocolate caramel souffle looks AWESOME. Dessert-drinks/shots next weekend! 😀

    • stenoodie says:

      Haha, you know me, now that I’ve started to invest my time into crazily reviewing all the restaurants that I step foot into, it’ll be hard for me to stop. 😛 Yes, for sure!! Still can’t believe it’s happening next weekend lol.

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