Breakfast at Sunset Grill (Richmond Hill)

Sunset Grill menu cover

Sunset Grill located at 1500 Elgin Mills Road East in Richmond Hill

Sunset Grill is an all-day breakfast place and I’ve never tried it even though it’s fairly ubiquitous.  Arriving at the Richmond Hill location on a sunny and gorgeous fall day on Saturday after a heavy Zumba session, we only had to wait a few minutes before we were seated.  The server who took down my name before we had a table had such a friendly and bright smile.  Our actual server who was in charge of our table was extremely nice and attentive to our table.  It was easy to feel at ease at the restaurant because of this (total sidenote, but the person who was manning the cashier totally looked like a real life Einstein except that he had slicked-back hair lol).  Having been to Coras and Eggpectations before, I expected the restaurant to be really nicely decorated and chic.  Sunset Grill is not as nicely decorated, but rather more understated and plain.  It seems more of a fast joint for breakfast/brunch since the cooks on the side were all very busy serving up food and the place is fairly loud.

Close-up of Sunset Omelette

Ooey, gooey yummy Swiss cheese strands! Just like a pizza 🙂

The Sunset Omelette didn’t look the best, presentation-wise, but the Swiss cheese in the omelette was to die for!  It was so cheesy and gooey and chewy!  Definitely the best Swiss cheese I’ve had in an omelette.  The tomatoes were fresh and the bacon was good too.  The home fries were very yummy too!  They were soft and had just enough flavour.  I also like how everything is grilled instead of deep fried — something that they pride upon at SG.

Sunset Omelette

Sunset Omelette
-Swiss cheese, peameal style bacon, and tomatoes.  This is also a Sunset Grill Favourite since it had a checkmark next to it on the menu.

toast with jam

Thick toast with jam that came with the Sunset Omelette.  It was perfectly toasted and so yummy!

Eggs Florentine

Fluffy and soft egg atop the Eggs Florentine

The Eggs Florentine was mighty good as well.  I’ve only had Hollandaise sauce in terms of Eggs Benedicts with Swiss cheese, smoked salmon, and one other time with Swiss cheese and mushrooms, so this time with sauteed baby spinach was something new. There was ample baby spinach and the Hollandaise sauce didn’t disappoint.  The three eggs were perfectly made and so soft.  The yolk of the egg just oozed out when you poked it open.  This was really good but so filling!

Eggs Florentine with home fries

Eggs Florentine
-Three eggs over easy served on sauteed baby spinach with melted Swiss on English muffins topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries.

Both of the breakfasts that we ordered were good.  They were such super big portions (especially with all the home fries!) that I left the restaurant feeling extremely, extremely full.  It’s more affordable than Cora’s although I do like how Coras serves their plates with fresh fruit on almost every dish and their environments are so much more colourful and family-friendly, but this was a good dining experience as well.  The service here was exceptional and the food arrived quickly.

– – –

April 7, 2019:  We returned here to this location as a group of three for a brunch.  The place hasn’t changed and is consistent with the other Sunset Grill locations in terms of their interior design.

We ordered the Salmon Eggs Sunset (smoked salmon eggs benedict), White Tuna Salad Sandwich, and Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash with a side of sausages.  There were quite a lot of people here for a Sunday brunch.

 Sunset Grill Richmond Hill interior


The Salmon Eggs Sunset was surprisingly mediocre.  I had high expectations of it having had a really good meal at their new Markham location.  The smoked salmon was overcooked.

Salmon Eggs Sunset

Salmon Eggs Sunset. $14.99
-Three eggs over easy with smoked salmon on English muffins, topped with Hollandaise sauce and served with home fries

The White Tuna Salad Sandwich and Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash were both so-so.  All three dishes we ordered had an abundance of home fries on the side.

White Tuna Salad Sandwich

White Tuna Salad Sandwich. $8.99
-lettuce and tomato

Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash

Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash. $9.99
-home fries with sauteed onion, red pepper, mushrooms. Served with diced tomatoes and a side of guacamole

 Sausages on a plate

Sausages (4). $4.99

 Sunset Grill Richmond Hill food

Our orders

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