Comfort Food at The Grotto Noodle House [Defunct]

 the Grotto

Inside the Grotto
Located at 398 Ferrier Street in Markham

I’ve been to the Grotto a number of times before (no, not THAT famous grotto 😉 ), but a noodle house in Markham that is actually designed to look like you’re eating in a grotto complete with walls made out of fake rocks and plants.  I visited this place tonight specifically because I wanted to eat their yummy and perfectly spicy satay pork sandwich.  To my disappointment, it looks like management has switched to new hands and they don’t have sandwiches on their menu anymore.

Grotto Noodle House interior

Grotto Noodle House

I picked a bowl of egg noodles instead and it turned out to be really good!   The egg noodles were extremely thin.  They tasted very soft and the satay soup base was very delicious.  I also didn’t feel thirsty after the meal, so I guess it wasn’t made with MSG.  Yay.  The pieces of sliced lamb were very soft as well.  I finished the whole bowl of Egg Noodles with Satay Sliced Lamb in a heartbeat.

Egg Noodles with Satay Sliced Lamb

Egg Noodles with Satay Sliced Lamb. So delicious!

Their Fresh Rice Noodles with Lemongrass Oxtail was pretty good too.  The fresh rice noodles were also very thin and soft.

Fresh Rice Noodles with Lemongrass Oxtail

Fresh Rice Noodles with Lemongrass Oxtail

I also saw that they had Fried Pig Intestines on a skewer on the menu for only a dollar, so I tried that out too.  There were only three pieces on the skewer stick, but it was super delicious!  It tasted a little smoky from being grilled but it was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Yummy!  Sorry to those who think that eating a piece of pig intestine is disgusting though.

Fried Pig Intestines

Deep fried pig’s intestines

We had a plate of boiled vegetables.  Of course, gotta have some veggies!

boiled vegetables

Boiled vegetables

In the end, even though the noodles were very good, it didn’t fill me up.  So I ordered a side of pepper and salted crispy fried chicken wings too.  At first, I thought it came with 8 pieces, but there were only 4.  I think they were over fried and too dry.

Crispy fried chicken wings with salt & pepper

Crispy fried chicken wings with salt & pepper

 The Grotto Noodle House address

This noodle house is inside a shopping plaza

Will I return again?  Probably.  I was really looking forward to the satay pork sandwich that I had a couple of times in the past! It was so good.  This time, I did enjoy their noodles though, so if I’m in the plaza again and hungry, I’ll probably drop by for another bowl and try more of their other snacks. Yum. =9

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    Girl, you cray. 🙂 Love your foodie blog posts!

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