Awesome Beer Choices at Town Crier Pub & Halfway Beer House

Looking into the second level space at the Town Crier Pub. Look at that selection of beers!

Last night, just before a friend and I sat in at the Princess of Wales Theatre to enjoy the spectacular new production of the Les Miserables, we had dinner at the Town Crier Pub & Halfway Beer House.  Online, I read reviews of their incredible collection of beers on tap from around the world.  I wanted to try it out and it was perfect since it was just a short less-than-5 minute walk to the Entertainment District in downtown Toronto.  

It was a gorgeous and perfect autumn day and many people were already sitting out on the patio enjoying a beer.  We opted for the inside seating and got a view on the second level right beside the window.  It was so nice to look at the people on the street as well as enjoy a gentle autumn breeze during our meal.

A sample of Fuller’s Black Cab Stout and Innis & Gunn

The service here was absolutely excellent.  The lady was incredibly nice and thoughtful.  While looking at the extensive selection of beers on the menu, she was incredibly kind enough to let us try two beers that we couldn’t decide between from the menu.  We each got a shot glass of the beers.  I wanted a dark and richer beer, and so I tried the Fuller’s Black Cab Stout from the U.K., 4.2% alc./vol. (Brewed with a grist produced from five different malts including Ale malt, Imperial malt, Crystal malt, Chocolate malt and Golden malted oats. This style of stout delivers a rich full flavour from the chocolate malts, with a creamy finish.)  Even though it was a dark beer, I was surprised that it didn’t taste rich or dark at all!  The other one, the lighter one, was the Innis & Gunn from Scotland, 6.6% alc./vol.  Both my friend and I liked this one and the server also said that it was one of her favourite beers.  My friend ended getting this one for her drink of choice for the night.

Innis & Gunn from Scotland. $5.95
This honey-hued beer is matured over the finest American Oak heartwood to unlock natural flavours from deep within the oak grain. The luscious flavours of toffee, vanilla and oak perfectly balance the beer’s malt backbone and light hop fruitiness.

With the help of my friend (since there were way too many beers to choose from!), I ended up choosing the La Trappe Dubbel from Holland, 6.5% alc./vol.  It was exactly the rich and dark beer I was looking for.  There was a very slight aftertaste, but I really enjoyed it. 🙂  I also found it cool that each beer had its own glass!

La Trappe Dubbel from Holland $5.95
La Trappe Dubbel has a deep, reddish brown colour and attractive
beige froth. The use of caramel malt gives it a gentle aromatic
caramelized quality.

Next was the food.  This pub boasts authentic Belgium and German food.  I picked the “Spatzele” which is German pasta (although I think they spelled it wrong because it’s “spätzle” online).  The first time I’ve had spätzle before was at Biff’s Bistro during Winterlicious this year.  I enjoyed the chewiness and uniqueness of it since I had never ate it before, so I wanted to try it again here.  The spätzle at this place was a lot softer and smaller in shape than what I had before.  The creamy sauce though was delicious, although the diced chicken pieces were a tad rough.  I also loved the big pieces of broccoli that accompanied each spoonful.  There were also cut-up pieces of tomatoes and eggplant in it.

“Spatzele” $13.95
German pasta with diced chicken breast and mixed vegetables in a creamy demi-glace

My friend devoured the Halfway Beer House Club Wrap.  The portion was pretty large and she said the wrap was good.  The fries were a little greasy for her taste though.

Halfway Beer House Club Wrap. $11.50
Layers of chicken, bacon and cheese with lettuce, tomatoes and
Dijon mayonnaise


All in all, I really enjoyed my experience dining here at the Town Crier Pub.  I would definitely come again to try more of their other global beers as I think it’s so unique.  Their food is really great too and I wouldn’t mind trying more of the other Belgium and German dishes the next time I’m here.  My favourite part was definitely trying out the beers.  I loved the entire beer experience, especially since we were able to sample them before ordering.  Are there any other pubs that you would recommend in Toronto?

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