Dining at Premiere Ballroom and Convention Centre

Today marks the lunar calendar of my birthday!  Happy birthday to me! =)  My relatives and I celebrated at Premiere Ballroom Convention Centre in Richmond Hill.  

We’ve been here a handful of times for dim sum.  The first time I ate here, I was very happy to discover that they had free wifi and delicious food.  All of their cutlery is really nice with Western-style tea sets and even the chairs and drapery are very elegant.  The entire place is grand and majestic since it is primarily a banquet hall designed for special events and weddings.

The ceilings are super high and there are gigantic period-style paintings framed all over the walls.  It is a very impressive place to hold a special event.  The food itself is pretty good too.  If you go on the weekends and submit your dim sum order before 11 a.m., there is a discount.  You often see a lot of Chinese people waiting outside in the foyer to have their number called for a table.

Here’s a picture of a rice noodle stuffed with a fried dough (zhaliang) that I had during dim sum one morning.  It was really yummy.  It’s even nicer looking in person lol.

Zhaliang (炸兩)

Although I’ve been here a handful of times for dim sum in the mornings, we’ve never been here for dinner before which is why I wanted to have a birthday feast here.  On this particular night, they had two big events going on next door; it was partitioned off.  One was a 20-year anniversary reunion for a school and the other was a wedding.  It was fun to hear the “Happy birthday” song play from the other party while we were having dessert since it was my birthday too!  How fitting. ^_^  The service during dinner was top notch.  The server catered to our table very well and helped us pour tea, answer our questions patiently, change our plates, and come out with the food quickly.

We ordered the “Cozy Togetherness” dinner combo (lol, I’m using Google Translate to translate the Chinese menu.  The literal translation that comes out is super cute).

Table setting for dinner

We started off with the “Neptune lobster soup”.  I really liked this.  It came in a fancy bowl and the soup was very thick and dense with lots and lots of scallops and shrimps.  I didn’t really taste any lobster pieces even though it’s called lobster soup.  I guess it’s more so the broth that was lobster-flavoured instead.  The soup kind of filled me up by the time I had my last spoonful.

海皇龍蝦湯 “Neptune Lobster Soup” — lots of scallops and shrimps!

You can’t see the bonito flakes here as clearly

Next came the dishes.  They were all presented very nicely.  The dish with the big shrimps was interesting:  One side of the shrimps were sweet and sour while the other side was covered in a green wasabi-like sauce and topped with bonito flakes (katsuobushi) — the fish shavings that dance in the air due to the heat of the shrimp underneath it.

碧綠鴛鴦太極蝦 Giant shrimps in two flavours

I especially liked the fish dish — it was very hot and each bite was yummy.  I had to watch out for a few bones that were in a few of the pieces though, but this is probably the best cooked fish I’ve had.

蔥燒蒜香黃旗班頭腩  Crispy fried garlic grouper fish belly

Our choice of veggies that night came in the form of a unique dish where the baby bok choy are smothered under a sauce made with taro and preserved sausage bits.  The sauce itself was ample; however, you tasted more of the preserved sausage bits more than actual taro pieces.  I would have preferred more taro pieces.  The vegetables underneath were well cooked.

芋汁臘味焗菜苗 “Taro sauce with preserved sausage over bok choy”

This is a pretty ridiculous close-up picture of the fried oyster

We ordered a dish of deep fried oysters, something that my relatives always tend to order every time we go out for dinner.  This was the biggest disappointment since the oysters were very bland and flavourless. When they arrived at the table though, they looked amazing!

蛋白漿酥炸生蠔  “Egg white crispy fried oysters”

Also a little disappointing was that the plate of free-run chicken was a little cold.  Otherwise, the flavour was not bad.  I liked that there was a side of seaweed salad on the side too.  I also appreciated the small dish of ginger too; it usually comes with a dish of ginger and onion sauce at most places.

滋味貴妃走地雞 “Free run chicken”

The food was really filling; especially the lobster soup at the beginning that I mentioned.  We weren’t able to finish most of what we ordered so we took the leftovers home. For dessert, we had a plate of fresh crunchy cookies and jello that were shaped like hearts. ❤



We also had a bowl of sweet green mung bean soup. It was a little watery, but that’s to be expected sometimes at Chinese restaurants…

绿豆糖水 Sweet green mung bean soup

There’s no doubt that I’ll be returning to this restaurant.  There are no complaints and the dim sum is always good here (and now dinner too despite a couple of misses).  See you next time, Premiere!

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