6 Weeks of Beginner Pole Dancing Classes at Spinbuddies Pole Studio

Spinbuddies Pole Studio in Vaughan! ❤

Class #1:  November 11 — I’ve been looking forward to this class for a while now!  I bought the Groupon deal back in September and had been yearning to use it.  I finally took the first class today and I loved it!  The instructor, Tara, was so friendly and nice even within the first couple minutes of chatting with her.  The class was all about doing some basic warm-up moves with the pole, learning how to do the first pole move: “fire chic“, letting us practice on our own, and then finishing with some great stretches on the yoga mat.  As you know, this was not my first time doing a pole dancing class — my first time was at a Flirty Girt Fitness class and after it, I was hooked.  That’s why when I saw the deal for this Spinbuddies class, I knew I wanted to do it right away.  I was so eager to sign up for it that I did it solo.  No friends.  This class was great.  I’m looking forward to class #2 already; next Monday!  I’m also looking forward to feeling sore tomorrow morning. 🙂

Class #2:  November 18 — Yay!  The second class finally!  Today we learned how to do the “ballerina” spin.  It’s a little bit like the fire chic spin except that you hook in the inside leg by the elbows and hang out when you drop forward and then also swing your outer leg to join the inner leg from the outside.  Haha, not very clear I suppose, but it was fun to try.  I’m still not an expert at this pole dancing business, but it’s only the second class!  We also strengthened our cores by stretching up and hanging on to the pole with our knees raised up and around the pole for a couple of seconds.  Last week, we started off with hanging on to the pole for a few seconds.  I can see that we’re building up the muscle training!  I really can’t wait until I can climb up to the top of the pole and hang on with ease.  Can’t wait!!  This second class also flew by SO quickly.  Where does the time go?!  Can’t wait until next week. 🙂 (I was sore for 2-3 days last week in my biceps!)

Class #3:  November 25 — Today we learned how to do the “back leg hook” spin.  It is so difficult!  I can’t get my legs up and feet to touch together to twirl down gracefully down the pole.  Tara said that I had a really good control on my hands on the pole, but I need to let go more smoothly to slide down.  I also needed to arch my back more.  We also reviewed on practising the ballerina spin and the fire chic spin.  I can do these a little better now and more so towards the end of class when I’d warmed up and had more controlled grip on the pole.  The class still really just flies by!  Another 15 minutes extra would be heavenly. Can’t get enough of it.  I also felt pretty dizzy after doing the spins sometimes, haha. 🙂

Class #4:  December 2 — We learned the “front leg hook” tonight.  It’s probably my favourite spin so far because it’s straight-forward and kind of fun and challenging.  For this one, all I have to make sure is that my sticking out my leg out far and straight enough.  Of course, I’m not saying that it’s easy, but it’s far more attainable than some of the other spins that we’ve had to do.  I’m currently still stuck on doing the “ballerina spin” and the “back hook spin” properly.  I’m starting to get a little confused on the spins as well.  I know we’ve only learned 4, but I’m kind of a slow learner lol.  Another achievement is that I can spin with one hand on the pole!  I spun with one hand for the Ballerina Spin and spun so vigorously that some skin on my right hand has flapped out.  Gross!  In any case, I can’t believe we’re done over half of the class now!  Only two more classes to go.  Sad face!  Also, I can do the fire chic spin fairly easy now.  Hehe.  One last thing is that because I’m such a slow learner and because I get dizzy from spinning so hard, I need to take some time between each spin sometimes to catch my breath and undizzy myself.  It makes my time on the pole seem even less.  Man, I do wish I had a pole at home so I could practise my spins… (I bruised my knees SO hard last week that there were huge marks left on my knee caps.  I also bruised myself tonight again.  We’ll see how bad the bruises are tomorrow morning…)

Class #5:  December 9 —  Shoot, I forgot what spin we learned tonight, but what I do remember is that I am SO dizzy after each spin that I need at least a good 30 seconds to recuperate before I can get back on the pole and spin.  I found myself yawning towards the middle of the class — NOT because I was bored, but because I found myself getting lightheaded because of the dizziness and needing oxygen.  So weird!  I really found myself so dizzy after each spin. :S  Not to say that I don’t love it, but maybe I need to take a break and not spin so crazily all at once lol…

Class #6:  December 21 — I can’t believe the 6 weeks of classes have flown by with the snap of my fingers.  Today I had the final class of my beginners pole dancing class at Spinbuddies.  😦 Rose, the owner of the studio, was kind enough to let me make up a class today even though I was unable to take the class at the usual Monday time slot (I was at the Beyonce concert!).  Today’s class on a Saturday was at the 4:30 time slot and was a beginner/intermediate class.  It turns out that usually, Rose herself teaches this class, but because she’s currently on vacation, my original instructor Tara filled in.  It was nice to see her again!  This beginner/intermediate class was full of already experienced dancers.  After our usual warm-up, I saw how they were working on spins called the “pretzel”, “diamond”, “windmill”, and more.  Wow, I was so impressed and amazed.  The girls were flipping inside down and hanging from the poles with just one leg, or one arm, or just their knees, and one girl was doing the “super girl” move.  I just couldn’t help but watch instead of practice on my own spins, haha.  This is really why I love pole dancing so much.  There’s so much to learn and it’s so much fun.  The best part is that once you’ve nailed down one spin, there’s another challenging spin that keeps you on your toes.  SO fun!!  Anyway, Tara was able to fill me in on what I missed in the last class on Monday.  The last spin they learned in the beginners class was called the “chair”.  You basically walk around the pole, get enough momentum, and then fall forward with your inner hand on the pole and your outer hand is pressed straight against it.  You swing your legs up into a sitting position and twirl around the pole in that stance.  It looks really cool, but like the other spins, not easy at all!  At least not easy until you can do it. 😉  So I spent most of the class practicing that but also watching the other girls spin.  So fun.  I also chatted with another student there who had already finished the beginners class and was already on her third session in the B/I class.  She totally understood where I was coming from and where I was facing challenges in certain spins.  Before long, the class was over and we did our usual cool-down/stretches.  Man, I love pole dancing so much.  It’s such a fun fitness session and my biceps are ALWAYS sore the day after each class.  In fact, for the last couple of classes, my abs and calves have been sore the day after too.  That’s when I know I’ve worked out hard enough. 🙂

I can’t wait to go again to the studio and do more spins on the poles.  However, I’m going to have to wait a bit until I sign up for the next session of classes… As much as I want to attend classes immediately again, I really don’t like trekking out in the dead of winter when there are so many issues with snow and ice on the road… or maybe it’s just an excuse.  😛 In any case, I have a friend who is starting the beginners class in January, so I’ll wait for her to finish up that so that we can attend the B/I classes together.  GAH, can’t wait!!  Thank you so much, Spinbuddies, for lighting this fire in me to pole dance.  Can’t wait to spin again!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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5 Responses to 6 Weeks of Beginner Pole Dancing Classes at Spinbuddies Pole Studio

  1. Violet says:

    I enjoyed reading your recap of each class, sounds like you learned a lot and had fun!! It’s on one of my to-do list, so I’ll give it a try when the weather is better, like in the Spring! lol

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  3. RedTornado says:

    I’m hooked on pole as well =) I joined a beginner class back in November and I’m addicted! I only have class once a week for an hour though, not enough time!!
    There are girls that SWEAR by using those sea sickness bracelets for help with the dizziness from spins! They have some type of metal or mineral or something in them that helps counteract sea sickness and dizziness. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking into getting one! I can do about two spins in a row before I have to take a break lol
    I’m in my 10th week and we are learning some inverts now, it’s so exciting lol Stick with it, it just keeps getting better!
    Happy Poling!!

    • stenoodie says:

      Hey! Thank you so much for the comment. I didn’t know about the sea sickness bracelets to help with the dizziness. I will check that out for sure when I get back into poling. And I definitely agree about the one hour not being enough! 🙂 Happy poling to you as well! 🙂

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