This Year’s Annual KAM Dinner at Ferrovia Ristorante

Ferrovia Ristorante at 7355 Bayview Ave in Thornhill

Two of my closest high school friends and I have a yearly tradition.  Every December, we get together no matter how busy our schedules are and choose a night to go out and dine and catch up over what has happened over the year.  Although technology can potentially bring people closer by giving us the options to text, talk on the phone, or through the various social media platforms that we have today, nothing is better than catching up with friends and hearing the stories directly and seeing the expressions and emotions that come with it.  

This year, we chose to dine at Ferrovia Ristorante, an Italian restaurant on Bayview and Laureleaf  in Thornhill.  I was researching various Italian restaurants that would be open on a Sunday night (can you believe it?  There’s actually very few of them!) and ended up with this one.  It just so happens that dining in on a Sunday night has its perks.  Ferrovia hosts a prix fixe menu on Sunday and Monday nights during dinner.  What a treat!  You know how I am with prix fixe meals and all… 🙂  It really was a great deal to get three courses of food for the one of what a regular entrée usually costs ($23.95).  For this reason, I ended up splurging a bit and ordered a martini as well.  More on that later.  Turns out this restaurant is one that I have passed by many times throughout my life.  The plaza that Ferrovia is attached to is extremely close to the Cham Shan Buddhist temple that I frequent every year during Chinese Lunar New Year.  I knew exactly where it would be without having to really look at the map.

Sliced bread and hummus to start

I was the first to arrive on a wet and chilly autumn evening.  I had called ahead to make reservations and was able to choose a table of my choice since they had ample tables and chairs when I walked in at 6 p.m.  The bread that they served was all right; the hummus wasn’t particularly flavourful or tantalizing.

It was nice to catch up and chat in a cozy and nice environment.  The “Devil’s Chocolate” martini that I ordered was amazing.  It tasted exactly like what I imagined it to be; the Godiva chocolate liquer was like drinking liquid chocolate with a hint of vodka.  I really liked it.  It’s too bad that it was so overpriced at around $10 and it wasn’t even filled to the brim.  Oh, well.  YOLO!

Devil’s Chocolate. $9.95
stoli vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liquer.
It arrived like this by the way before I even took a sip…

We all ended up ordering not only the prix fixe menu — we’re all Asian after all. Haha!  — but also, we all ordered the lamb shank option.  How can you justify not to when the lamb shank alone on a regular weeknight costs the most out of all the other choices?  Good food deals. 😉

The salad of baby spinach was not bad.  I really like baby spinach, and I liked how there were bits of brie and sweet red wine poached figs in it (I rarely eat figs).  It was also unique in that sense.  Alice ordered the Zuppetta del giorno and it looked really good; my picture of it does not unfortunately.

Baby spinach salad, toasted walnuts, red wine poached figs, brie cheese, white balsamic dressing

Zuppetta del giorno

The lamb shank turned out to be so-so.  I have had much better tasting lamb shank that literally melted off the bone when you tore it with away with your fork and knife as well as in your mouth.  This one was well-cooked and not terrible for sure.  I have just had better lamb elsewhere.  The potatoes were a little dry for my taste and the vegetables at the bottom weren’t very memorable either.  I wish there was more sauce to dip the lamb meat in as well.

Braised lamb shank.
On their prix fixe menu shown online, they said that this dish would be accompanied by risotto, but when you dine in, they only serve it with potatoes.  A side of risotto would have been amazing!

Finally, dessert was a banana bread pudding.  It arrived on a square plate and looked like a giant muffin sitting in the middle.  When Marilyn’s portion got to her table, I almost blurted out, “Wait, you ordered a muffin?” before I also saw that I was given the same thing.  Only Alice ordered the obviously different dessert of the Gelato.

Bread pudding is one of my absolute favourite desserts… if they make it right, that is.  This place didn’t make very good bread pudding unfortunately.  First of all, the texture was too firm and bread-like… in a bad way.  It wasn’t very soft as it was very difficult to pry it open.  Marilyn had to even use another fork to help open it up.  I’m actually surprised that it was a banana bread pudding at all because I don’t recall tasting any banana or smelling any banana.  That’s unfortunate.  What I did like was how at the four corners of the plate, there were these giant pools of caramel and this other type of yellow sweet sauce.  I kept prying open my “muffin” of a bread pudding and swatching it into the sauces.  The caramel was incredible and it was so smooth.  I felt like the whole dessert would have tasted better if it really was drenched in the sauce.  On its own, it was a little dry.  Despite its size, I ended up finishing it anyway.  When do I ever not finish my food? 😀

Warm banana bread pudding.
Again, on their prix fixe menu shown online, they not only offered the choices of bread pudding and gelato, but there was a choice of tiramisu too. I would have loved to try that…

Cappuccino Gelato
Not sure how good this tasted… it looks just like ice cream to me. Your thoughts, Alice?

All in all, this little corner Italian restaurant has a nice romantic ambiance.  I’m not so sure that their food is authentic Italian though.  You’d have to give this restaurant a try and see if it is as good and/or mediocre as I have described it to be.  You can’t beat trying out something new if you’ve never tried it before. 🙂

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  1. Violet says:

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like a restaurant I would like to try someday. 🙂 Love your tradition with your high school friends!! I totally agree with what you said about technology. Merry Christmas!! 😀

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