Lamb Tongue Sandwiches at Chef Burger!

Half of the Lamb Tongue Sandwich!
Located at 8910 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill

When walking into Chef Burger, I did not expect that I would be having a lamb tongue sandwich for lunch!  This restaurant is part of a plaza on Yonge Street near 16th Avenue and could be considered a hole in the wall as it’s not prominently featured or known about.  Despite its obvious intention as a shop selling burgers, the restaurant actually incorporates a Middle Eastern flair into their sandwiches and subs.  That’s why when I looked at the menu, I noticed the options of being served calf tongue and lamb tongue sandwiches.  Wow!  What unique choices in a burger joint!  I was quite excited to have landed into this restaurant to try this unique sandwich out!

I also did end up ordering a burger as well to share — how can I not if their namesake is “Chef Burger”? 😉

Located at Unit 4, 8910 Yonge St. in Richmond Hill

I placed my order at the counter and waited a little longer than I expected to get the food.  I was happy to know that the burgers are apparently homemade, so it’s great that it’s not fast food at all so the wait made sense.  I was also very appeased with the fact that they have free wifi!  Their wifi password is actually quite cute; I’m not going to post it here — you can ask them what it is if you visit them.  I don’t want hoards of people camping outside their place for free wifi access if I release the pw here lol.  Anyway, the wait was worth it!  They have three sizes of burgers:  Small 5 oz, Chef 7 oz, and Super 7 oz.  We chose to get the Chef Burger to share.

Chef Burger (7 oz). $7.99

The Chef Burger was placed on whole wheat bread on my request and on first look, the burger looks a little shabby especially since I asked for it to be cut in half.  However, upon eating it, it was actually a really delicious tasting burger!  The patty was moist and flavourful, there was an abundance of fresh vegetables — I loved the pickles — and I enjoyed how they added tzatziki sauce in it instead of the regular ketchup or mayonnaise.  It was definitely unexpectedly good.  That’s a good thing!

Lamb Tongue Sandwich. $10.99

The lamb tongue sandwich was next.  This was actually a huge portion!  Well worth the price of $11, I think.  I’ve never had a lamb tongue sandwich before.  Heck, I don’t think I’ve never had lamb tongue before at all.  I’ve had calf tongue plenty of times before though.  The lamb tongue pieces were scattered throughout the sandwich and were SO tender and soft!  Wow, I couldn’t believe how good it tasted.  Thinking about it now makes me feel so hungry for it.  I liked how there were smooth and soft mushrooms also in the sandwich and also tzatziki sauce again.  The whole sandwich really blended deliciously together.  I loved this choice!  I was definitely so full afterwards too.  Yum!

They also have other appetizing and unique sandwiches on their menu board like the calf tongue sandwich that I had mentioned and also sandwiches called the “Olivier” and “Bandari” (not sure what those are).  They also have grilled chicken breast, cold cuts, cutlets, hot dogs, and salads!  I’d recommend this place for their lamb tongue sandwich.  Definitely worth a try. 😀

Chef Burger on Urbanspoon


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  1. Take me there next time I’m in town!!!!

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