New Location of Green Grotto Tea Room

Located at 7040 Warden Ave in Markham

Did you know that the popular Green Grotto Tea Room (Markham branch) recently shifted locations and took over the Wendy’s restaurant in the Steeles and Warden area?  It’s not longer in the snug little spot right next to Keung’s Delight, but located right near the main intersection.  It occupies a bigger and newer space but they still serve popcorn with every seating.

Two friends and I caught up here and were able to enjoy their new space.  It’s nicely renovated with a fake tree in the middle, a large library of books and magazines, and a nice kitchen/counter area.  As you might have seen in my previous blog post about this restaurant, Green Grotto specializes in bubble tea, hot and cold drinks, snacks, and desserts.  The service was fast and friendly!

I ordered a honey lemon black tea and a slice of red velvet cake.  Yum!  My friend Willy ordered a side of fish cakes which looked interesting since I’ve never seen fish cakes as long shapes before.

Green Grotto must have been doing well in order to upgrade to this bigger space.  Let’s see how they continue to do in the next several months!  Aka, is the fung shui going to work for them in this space (since it didn’t seem to work out for the Wendy’s chain)?  They were doing so well in the other unit for more than five years.  Wait and see.  Wait and see!


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9 Responses to New Location of Green Grotto Tea Room

  1. andy1076 says:

    I find it interesting to see popcorn in a tea house 😀 there’s also something so cozy feeling about the decor and presentation, kind of like at home, love it!

    • stenoodie says:

      Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the cozy feeling of it. Even the mug that the honey lemon tea was in is something that you would find at someone’s home 🙂

  2. andy1076 says:

    There are a few teahouses in Vancouver but funny thing is, A lot of people go for the BBT and Asian ones, Starbucks Coffee shops just aren’t big enough :S

  3. Donna says:

    thanks for posting, green grotto is my favourite tea place but i haven’t been able go to their new location. do they have a new menu?

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