Sakura Sushi

This Caterpillar Roll that actually looks like a caterpillar!
Located at 7010 Warden Avenue in Markham

I have to say that I had fairly high expectations for this sushi restaurant.  I read brief reviews that this was a “hole in the wall” and somewhere that you would return again and again to enjoy good sushi.  My friend Jeremy and I met up to have some dinner and catch up at Sakura Sushi.  It’s located at the Warden and Steeles plaza near the Green Grotto Tea Room and T & T Supermarket in Markham.  

Walking in, I was surprised to find that the place was really small.  There were only around 10 tables and the space was tight.

Miso soup and salad to start & complimentary edamame! These could have been more fresh..

I picked the Caterpillar Roll, one of the daily special rolls that came with a soup and salad.  The salad was crisp and fresh with the right amount of dressing.  The miso soup was nondescript; nothing out of the ordinary.

Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll. $5.95

We shared a spicy salmon crunch roll.  I love spicy salmon rolls!  They’re the best.  The level of spiciness and sauce was perfect in this roll.  I was very glad. 🙂  However, I noticed that the rice could have been a little better in terms of quality; it tasted a little hard and didn’t blend well with the soft salmon.




Caterpillar Roll. $8.95

.The Caterpillar Roll was fairly disappointing… while the avocado slices on top of the roll were fresh and soft, when I picked up the roll with my chopsticks, it completely fell apart from the rest of the roll.  Usually, I am quite amazed with how the sushi chefs are able to combine the avocado slices so well onto the roll… but not here.  Almost every single roll of sushi fell apart when I picked it up.  I wasn’t pleased.

Located at 7010 Warden Ave, Unit 38 in Markham

All in all, you can definitely try out this restaurant if you are in the area.  I can’t say for sure this place is terrible since they seem to have some really loyal customers who claim their sushi is amazing.  I wasn’t able to see this for myself when I visited them.  There’s too many restaurants around the area; I’ll be visiting another sushi restaurant in the future.  Make the right choice! 😉

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