Authentic Korean Barbecue at Piggy’s Restaurant!

Located at 5 Glen Cameron Rd, Unit 27A in Thornhill

Mmm, Korean barbecue!  Two friends and I met together for a night of Korean food and chatter at Piggy’s Restaurant last week.  Piggy’s Restaurant is owned by a Korean lady whose mission statement of her restaurant lies clearly on her website’s page.  

She states that since dreaming about pigs are a sign of health and wealth in the Korean culture, she’s named her restaurant after pigs so that her customers can also achieve the happiness provided by the proverb.  It’s very cute!  The restaurant signage also features a cute pig.  It’s kind of ironic since everyone who pops into the restaurant is likely a meat eater.


Marilyn and I shared the very popular and highly reviewed “Mook Eun Gi Ogyeopsal” (marinated pork belly with kimchi) that would be cooked on the tabletop.  Marilyn and I have both enjoyed authentic Korean-style barbecue dinners in South Korea so we knew what to expect (and had high expectations of similar high-quality Korean barbecue food)!

Alice ordered an old classic dish of pork bone soup.  It looked tasty and came with a bowl of brown rice.  She said that the soup wasn’t spicy though.

Thuk Bae Gi Gam Ja Tang. $8.95
-pork back bone soup, made with potatoes, green cabbage leaves, and aromatic wild sesame seeds

In any case, our table was filled with lots of banchan (Korean appetizers).  Yum!  I really liked the salad that was drizzled with sesame dressing.  It was unique and tasted so refreshing!  I also liked the potato salad with stuff with it… I’m not sure exactly what stuff was inside, but I liked the texture of it.

Unlike some all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue restaurants, the meat in authentic Korean barbecues is not only served to you by the server but who also does the cooking for you on the tabletop.  We watched as the raw pork belly meat was slathered onto the hot plate and changed from bright red to brown as its fat boiled away.  I liked how there was a convenient chute off the hot plate where all of the coagulated fat could be slid and dumped into a hole in the table.  Before long, the pork belly was cooked.  The server also placed the kimchi on the hot plate, cut up the pork belly into smaller pieces, and then we were ready to eat.

Mook Eun Gi Ogyeopsal. $15.95 (1 serving)
-marinated pork belly with kimchi

All done!

Authentic Korean-style barbecue has lettuce leaves for you to wrap the meat pieces in with your own choice of onions, garlic, and hot sauce.  I really liked the pork belly with kimchi combination!  However, I have to say that it still doesn’t beat the ones that I’ve had in Korea. 🙂

“piggy piggy”

Piggy’s Restaurant is located in Thornhill in a plaza that has a number of other Korean restaurants and even a Korean supermarket.  The popular Home of Hot Taste restaurant is also located in the same plaza (come here for Korean-style fried chicken!).

Piggy's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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