Green Grotto Tea Room

Passion Fruit drink. $4~

This is going to be a super brief food blog entry.

Green Grotto Tea Room is located near Steeles and Warden in Markham (also where a T&T Supermarket resides).  It’s a casual space for youngsters to gather and chat over drinks.  I love how they serve a bowl of free popcorn that you can snack on with your drink.  They serve a wide selection of hot drinks and cold drinks (including bubble tea), snacks, and dessert.  They also host a big library of Asian magazines and free wifi (that unfortunately isn’t very reliable as we found out on this visit).

On this night, two friends and I met up for a brief meeting.  I ordered the refreshing passion fruit drink that had actual passion fruit pieces in it.  It was very good.  I tried Grace’s bubble tea and I really liked how “authentic” it tasted.  The bubbles (tapioca) were deliciously chewy and the milk tea was perfectly done!

Chicken Nuggets. $4~

I also ordered a side of chicken nuggets.  To my disappointment, they were literally chicken nuggets that came frozen from a box; the ones that you buy from the supermarket.  They weren’t the fresh ones at all and neither crispy or crunchy.  I found it amusing that they served Asian sweet chili sauce with it for dipping.  Nevertheless, this place is great for drinks and I highly recommend coming here with friends.  This wasn’t my first time visiting and I’m sure I’ll pop by in the future as well. 🙂

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4 Responses to Green Grotto Tea Room

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  3. andy1076 says:

    It’s too bad the nuggets weren’t fresh made then, they sure did try to add a twist to the sauce huh! From your recent post, I definitely see they’ve improved a lot 🙂

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