Sporking a deal at Insomnia!

Located at 563 Bloor St W in Toronto

I had the privilege of meeting two of the founders of a brand new sparkling app called Spork yesterday and seeing how their app works in person for the first time.

Spork is a free iPhone app (they are rolling out the android version out in a couple of weeks) that allows users to save money on great nearby restaurants by finding real-time deals.  How it works is that you download the free app, open it up, and it will show you a map of your current location.  On the map, you will see all the restaurants near you that are offering real-time deals!  You choose a restaurant and tap on it to let the restaurant know that you’re on your way.  When you get there and present the app, you will receive whatever deal is being promoted!  It’s super easy and convenient.

Insomnia is one of Spork’s partner restaurants

Yesterday for lunch, Insomnia offered a truly enticing deal — receiving a free smoothie upon order of a lunch item plus 10% off for the entire table!  I saw how the Spork app worked:  We Sporked the app when we were at Bathurst Station, walked over in 2 minutes, sat down, showed the server the app, and after ordering our lunch, we each got a free smoothie!   In order for your entire party to get the promotion, you should make sure that all of you have the Spork app downloaded on your phone and to show the Spork deal.  🙂

The free smoothie we received from Sporking the restaurant!

On the restaurant owner side of things, this app was created to help increase customers visit them during their off-peak hours.  It’s a win-win situation for both the customers and the restaurants.  For my own sake and most consumers of the app, we would use it based on the fact that we save money and it’s easy to use.

Alison had been to Insomnia many times and gave their homefries some great reviews.  It was my first time here and I was quite excited to try out their food; especially their eggs benedicts as I had heard great things about it.


Charlotte Eggs Benedict. $13
-smoked salmon. Served with poached eggs, whole wheat english muffins, hollandaise, mixed greens & homefries

I ordered the Charlotte, the eggs benedicts with smoked salmon.  Mmm, I love smoked salmon!  When it arrived, it was beautifully set up and was a generous portion too!  The perfectly poached eggs sat on whole wheat English muffins with the greatest tasting Hollandaise sauce I’ve ever had!  It was creamy and tasted so good!  The mixed greens were doused with the right amount of dressing and the homefries were indeed very good.  They weren’t your regular homefries that are tossed dry; these were actually covered in a ketchup-like sauce.  I really liked it!

I loved the Hollandaise sauce!

Jed ordered the Insomnia burger which the server commented was his favourite on the menu.  It looked amazing!  Jed cleanly finished the plate which showed how delicious the burger and accompanying fries and greens were.

Insomnia Burger. $12
-milk bun, 8oz Canadian beef, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, garlic aioli

Alison’s breakfast also looked scrumptious!  No wonder she’s been coming to this place for years.

Traditional Eggs. $11
-2 eggs, toast, choice of peameal, strip bacon, avocado, tomato. Served with mixed greens & homefries

Spork is a great app to help restaurants serve more customers during their off-peak hours

All in all, this was a great lunch.  I not only loved the food, but I loved how I was able to see how the Spork app worked in person for the first time.  If you haven’t downloaded it, you really should!  It’s the best way to look for a great restaurant if you don’t know where to eat and best of all, you get an amazing deal too!  We got 10% off our entire table which is so much better than a Groupon deal or other promotions that some restaurants may have.  Spork caters to great restaurants like Insomina and Snakes & Lattes while providing unbeatable deals!

Insomnia on Urbanspoon

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