Congee Time

Located at 5817 Yonge Street in North York

My mom and I had a late lunch at Congee Time sometime last week after I was done my half day of court reporting.  Yayyyy!  I love not having to work the full day and getting time to spend with my mom.  Shouldn’t life be like that every day?

In any case, I’ve never been to this Congee Time before.  I believe that they copied the more popular Chinese congee establishments like Congee Wong and Congee Queen.  The name Congee Time is a smart one since you can turn to someone beside you and say, “Hey, I think it’s congee time!” if you are in the mood for some Chinese comfort food and congee.  Congee Time is located on Yonge Street in an area where there is not a lot of Chinese food.  However, there are a lot of Korean restaurants around this area!

My opinion of this restaurant is that the food wasn’t good at all, but I was very surprised with how many people there were inside.  My guess is that the high occupancy is due to the fact that there are few Chinese restaurants in the area and if someone wants to have Chinese food, this is one of the only places to flock to.

My mom and I ordered 3 things:  Minced fish congee, fried turnip patties, and BBQ duo with rice.

Although the minced fish congee was made with substantial fish bits in it and the congee itself was a good consistency, it reeked of a strong flavour of a Chinese ingredient.  I don’t know what its name is in English, but it made the entire bowl of congee too intense in flavour.

Minced fish congee. $4.75

Deep fried dough fritter to go with the congee

Fried turnip patties Singaporean style. $5.25

When the fried turnip patties arrived on the table, I already wasn’t impressed with its look.  I’ve had fried turnip patties in other restaurants and it definitely didn’t look as pale and flavourless as this dish did.  The taste didn’t turn out to be that bad, but it also wasn’t the best turnip patties I’ve had.

Lastly, the BBQ duo came with BBQ pork and double boiled chicken with rice.  The BBQ pork was disappointing.  It was tough to chew through.  The chicken was also flavourless.

Double boiled chicken & BBQ pork with rice. $6.95

If I were to choose to go to another congee place, I would stick to those like Congee Wong.  This place exists to serve people who want Chinese food but can’t get it since most Chinese restaurants are in Markham or Richmond Hill and not in this area.  There were a lot of customers though, so I’m sure SOME people like this place.  It’s really not authentic in my opinion.

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17 Responses to Congee Time

  1. andy1076 says:

    There’s sure a lot of restaurants on Yonge Street huh? I’ve never seen turnip cakes shaped like this before, interesting 🙂

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