The Ubiquitous Congee Wong

Taken at the Bayview & Spadina Road location at 1 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill

A frequent place I go to for Chinese comfort food is Congee Wong.  Don’t be fooled by the name that this friendly Chinese restaurant only offers congee as it hosts a huge array of Cantonese noodles, rice, and snacks.  It’s a great place to go for dinner, afternoon meal, late-night chews, or even breakfast.  It’s super casual and the staff are always quick with the orders and friendly — well, the Bayview and Spadina Road location at least!  It’s part of a chain and there are three other restaurants around the GTA.  This location in Richmond Hill is freshly opened this year and offered a 10% discount on your bill as part of its opening promotion.  I’ve been there so many times since then and I haven’t been disappointed so far.  There are always long line-ups during its evening and weekend hours so be sure to get there early if you want a seat!

Here are some pictures of what I ordered: 

Cantonese Chow Mein — a very popular dish that comes loaded with seafood, veggies, and BBQ pork on top of crispy fried noodles.  It’s especially super tasty at this location. $9.50

This is one of my favourite noodles to order — shrimp wonton with noodles in soup. The shrimp wontons are so big and fresh! $4.75

Deep Fried Dough Fritter — one large piece is cut up into 6 small ones that you can dip into congee. $1.60

Some people don’t know that this is how you eat those fried dough fritters. You dip it into steaming hot congee! It’s very tasty.

If you don’t like dipping a dough fritter into your congee, you can also dip one of these for the same price — a sweet cruller. It looks like a pair of lips.. Or something Rob Ford would eat. Too soon for that joke? Ha…

This location of Congee Wong serves very fresh and well roasted BBQ. This is a plate of BBQ pork and roasted duck on a bed of rice. $8.50

They have an entire list of different congee for you to choose from. This one is the Minced Fish Congee. Simple but yummy. $4.95

This is another BBQ dish but with rice noodles in soup instead. On top is roasted pork and roasted duck. The roasted pork is so good that the crispy skin literally crunches in your mouth when you bite into it. Sooo good. $6.95

Salt & pepper crispy fried tiger shrimps. Delicious…  $10.75

Pork Hock Lo Mein. $5.25


A favourite to order: Fried Chili Turnip Patties. $5.75

Another BBQ Pork & Roasted Pork with Rice. $8.50
I absolutely love the crispy fried skin on their roasted pork. It’s SO crunchy!

Deep Fried Tiger Shrimp with Thousand Island Sauce. $10.75
I liked how these were bite-sized pieces of shrimp drizzled with dressing. It didn’t take me long to gobble them all up 😀

Congee Wong on Urbanspoon

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9 Responses to The Ubiquitous Congee Wong

  1. Violet says:

    Everything you ordered looks yummy!! I’m wondering.. were you the only one eating it all???!!! It’s A LOT of food!! =P

    • stenoodie says:

      Haha, no no, these were taken over a couple of visits to Congee Wong with my family. I could never be able to finish all of that in one sitting. 😛 Although to have that ability would be quite useful for trying out different restaurants! 🙂

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