Congee Queen (Thornhill)

Located at 2930 Steeles Avenue East in Thornhill

I’ve blogged about other Congee Queen locations quite a few times now.  If you don’t know what they serve, go read my other blog posts!  Haha.  But really, Congee Queen is a Chinese restaurant that serves affordable, high-quality Chinese food in dishes like congee, noodles, rice, and more.  They have a huge terrific menu that you can choose from.  

I’ve been to this location of Congee Queen before, and it was actually the first Congee Queen I had ever stepped foot into.  Many, many years ago, my friend Angel and I had dinner here.  I remember lining up at this popular establishment back then and waiting for a table for two.  We ordered two dishes to share and I enjoyed it.

This location is really nicely decorated. They really put a lot of thought into their architectural design

Recently, I’ve been here to eat some congee, noodles, turnip cakes, rice, and BBQ items with my team at this location too.  The food was great but I didn’t blog about it.

I was admiring their lights

On this visit, my mom and I enjoyed some stir fried lobster and hot pot dish.  I was craving for some lobster so we decided to come here to dine.

Stir Fried Lobster in Hong Kong Style. $23.99

The Stir Fried Lobster in Hong Kong Style was a great presentation of lobster done right.  The lobster meat was firm and fresh and there were little fried fish, meat, chopped-up green and red peppers on the dish too.  It was perfect to satisfy my craving for seafood and tasty meat.  Delicious!  It was a good portion for two people.

Garoupa & Fried Bean Curd in Hot Pot. $13.99

We also ordered a Garoupa & Fried Bean Curd in Hot Pot.  It was also a solid dish where the garoupa fish contained some bones in it and these are the parts of the fish that are very delicious.  The bean curd was also great.  Loved this dish as well!  We took some of it home since we didn’t finish it all.

I know I’ll continue to go to Congee Queen’s all around the GTA.  They are only a growing franchise and I actually can’t wait until they are a part of shop6! 😛

This Thornhill location is their flagship store!

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