Sushi Dragon on Anime North night

Located at 634 Dixon Road in Etobicoke

After a full evening of walking around the Anime North convention and taking pictures of many amazing cosplays, we opted for dinner at Sushi Dragon that was just a 3-minute walk from the Toronto Convention Centre.  Since the anime/manga convention was right next door to this restaurant and many others, there were a lot of hungry cosplay fans and convention goers at this time.  

We were informed that we would have a 30-minute wait for our table of five.  That was fine.  Even though we were all quite hungry, we were okay with the wait for some sushi. 🙂

Special menu created for the Anime North convention weekend

The host welcomed us into the busy restaurant in 20 minutes or so and we were shown the special “Anime Menu” that they had created just for the duration of the convention.  It was interesting how he recommended us to order from that special menu because anything else that we ordered from the regular menu would take “at least 30 minutes or more”.  He said it with such a stern look too.  It was obviously clear that they didn’t want us to order anything else from the regular menu lol.

Due to that, we did end up ordering from the Anime Menu.  I assume it’s because they wanted to get more guests in for the night so they wanted to have a more systematized and

It was busy in there!

limited order sheet.  In any case, this was probably why all our food arrived on plastic plates and trays.  I’ve never seen this in a regular restaurant before.  We were thinking that perhaps they ran out of actual plates that they had to use take-out material.  In any case, the presentation points certainly dropped down because of that.

I ordered Combo 3 which was a spicy salmon roll, California roll, and cucumber roll — I love spicy salmon and will order it whenever possible! 😀  It was not bad.  I definitely liked how the rolls were not huge and fit into my mouth perfectly (lol).  I really don’t like big pieces of sushi.

Combo 3: Spicy salmon roll, California roll, cucumber roll. $10

My other friends ordered the spicy California roll, avocado roll, and yam roll, and also the beef teriyaki with steamed rice and salad Combos.  I think we all thought the food was pretty typical and nothing spectacular.  The portions were also not gigantic and we contemplated ordering a combo or more to share to fill us up.  Alas, we ended up just leaving instead.

Combo 1: Beef teriyaki, steamed rice, salad. $10
Combo 9: Yam roll, avocado roll, cucumber roll. $9
Combo 7: Spicy California roll, avocado roll, yam roll. $10

My verdict for this restaurant?  I didn’t like it.  I wasn’t full. 😦  I at first wasn’t pleased with their presentation… it felt like I was eating take-out sushi even though I was at a sit-down restaurant.  It would have been nice if there was a salad and soup served with the combo as is usually the case in Japanese restaurants like these.  Their sushi wasn’t horrible but it was just not fulfilling.  One thing that I was impressed with was how their wasabi was actually authentically hot!

Sushi Dragon on Urbanspoon

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