Summerlicious 2014 Restaurant #7: Origin North

Located at 2901 Bayview Ave in North York

There aren’t very many uptown Summerlicious restaurants to choose from but I still managed to meet up with a friend for lunch.  One of these happened to be Origin North which is located in the Bayview Village shopping area.  It isn’t located inside the posh shopping mall, but Origin North stands alone as its own building in the parking lot.  You can’t miss it as it’s a huge two-storey restaurant with two levels.

I was surprised with how many customers there were dining in and also on the patio on a Monday afternoon.  The space inside is large and spacious and decorated modernly.  I loved how there was free wifi with an easy-to-guess password (^_^).

The Summerlicious lunch menu at Origin North was simple and nothing supremely fancy.  The restaurant itself serves fusion Asian cuisine.

For appetizers, I chose the samosas while Jack chose the chilled gazpacho.

Chilled Gazpacho

The samosas were okay.  The inside of it wasn’t as stuffed as I would have liked and it wasn’t very memorable.  Jack commented that he enjoyed the gazpacho soup.

with curried pea and tamarind

Fried Chicken Sandwich
with apple cabbage slaw, tomato, frites

I had trouble deciding between the fried chicken burger and the fish cake.  I asked the server about this and he said that both were good except that the chicken burger was a bigger portion while the fish cake was smaller.  I chose the bigger portion.

The chicken burger arrived with a side of fries that were too dry and plain; nothing spectacular or delicious about it.  The chicken burger itself was stacked tall with a crispy fried chicken patty with apple cabbage slaw.  I liked the bun and how there was a sprinkle of salt on the very top.  There was a lot of mayonnaise in the sandwich.  It was a decent chicken burger; nothing that I was mesmerized with.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the apple cabbage slaw.

Jack’s fish cake was a haddock with avocado underneath it.  It was definitely as small as what the server described it to be.  Jack said that he enjoyed it despite its size.

Fresh Fish Cake
with avocado crema and citrus salad

with passion fruit, coconut, and raspberry

For dessert, we both both the passion fruit pudding.  It arrived in the cutest little glass jar that resembled a fancy plant decoration or smal aquarium for a small fish.  The fact that they added a little sprig of green in it made it look more like a plant (it reminds me of the tiramisu that I had at Aka Teppan that resembled a plant).

It was an ice-cold dessert; they probably kept it in the freezer for too long before pulling it out to be served?  There were big chunks of passion fruit(?) in it and covered under a layer of coconut and chocolate bits.  It was an unique tasting dessert with hints of passion fruit taste.

The restaurant is huge!

Overall, it was a decent lunch.  It was nothing fancy or over the top but a great place to enjoy a casual lunch on a weekday with a friend. 🙂

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2 Responses to Summerlicious 2014 Restaurant #7: Origin North

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Plant looking dessert! So cool! 🙂

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