Dinner at King Dragon Cuisine

Located at 505 Highway 7 E, Bdg B, Unit 238 in Thornhill

My family and I had dinner at King Dragon Cuisine specifically because it had a lobster dinner special going on at the time.  It’s a really fancy-looking and high-end Chinese restaurant that is on the second floor at Commerce Gate in Markham.  I say it’s fancy-looking because the interior was decorated with crystals and the service was really good.  

Located on the second floor of building B

Order $100 worth of food for lobster for $10 (promotion expired June 30, 2014)

In order to get the $10 lobster, we had to order over $100 worth of food before taxes.  We were able to do this easily and right on the dot too (Asian cheap/smarts).  Here are the dishes that we ordered with white rice (typical Asian dinner where you got to have the rice with veggies and meat).

Snow pea leaves with garlic in broth. $18.80

Wok fried oysters with ginger and green onion in casserole. $18.80

Deep fried crispy chicken (half). $15.80

Stir fried scallop in bird’s nest. $19.80

Stir fried grouper fillet with crab egg & king mushroom. $25.80

Stir fried lobster. $10

What our table looked like mid-meal

Really cute miniature lion heads at the entry way of the restaurant

As a table of six, we were actually surprised with how small the portions were.  It was JUST enough food for us to fill our bellies at the optimal satisfaction level.  We wouldn’t have minded a little more food as the lobster portion definitely wasn’t enough.  Every dish was pretty good; there wasn’t too much to comment on specifically other than the size.

I really enjoyed the deep fried crispy chicken and the lobster.  The chicken was fried perfectly and the skin was extra crisp!  The lobster was delicious but again was lacking in the size compartment.  What we ordered then would have been great for five people instead of six. 🙂

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