Partial SMC Reunion at Beerbistro

Located at 18 King Street East in Toronto

Beerbistro is a popular place to hang out for food and drinks, and especially for beer given their name.  My friends and I have tried on two occasions to make a dinner get-together here but failed for it to go through because Beerbistro has a strict policy on leaving a $600 deposit for parties over 8.  Hopefully you read this review, Beerbistro , because based on that reservation policy alone, you’ve lost out on two potential groups of customers.  In those two situations, we ended up going to other establishments which could accommodate big parties without the need for a hefty deposit.  Too bad, so sad.

In any case, my friend Ian was visiting from out of town and we were able to gather a small group of us to reunite and catch-up after over a year of not seeing each other.  We were a table of exactly 7 so no deposit was needed.  Our server was accommodating all night long and made sure the night went well despite having an infant at the table; he smartly brought out small sauce cups for the baby to play and be occupied with.

Fruli Strawberry (Belgium; 4.1% alc.). $6.79

Despite being an adventurous foodie and usually wanting to try out new things, I chose a beer that I’ve tried previously before at Beer Markt: the Fruli Strawberry that I had in my very first beer flight.  It was sweet and went down well with the taste of real strawberries! 🙂

The menu looked extensive with lots to choose from so Daphne and I decided on sharing two plates.  We chose the beef tacos and meat pizza, thinking that the pizza would be a big round portion with more than enough for the two of us.  To my disappointment, this pizza was sooooo tiny!!  It wasn’t a big round shape but was fit on a slender long plate which made the pizza look more than a flatbread instead.  It was definitely delicious with lots of meat — pulled pork, sausage, bacon — but it was so tiny for a pizza.  I remember the big round one I had at Drake One Fifty or the one that Mandy had at Mercatto.

Hog Wild Pizza. $17
-berkshire pulled pork, smoked sausage, beer cured bacon, oregano, mozzarella, garlic confit

The meat in the tacos were great!  It was a little messy to eat since the soupy sauce drooped out from the other end of the taco as I picked it up to eat with my hands.

Spicy Kobe Beef Tacos. $15
-dark lager chili, aged gouda, grilled vidalia onions, sour cream & lettuce

I believe that everyone else enjoyed their food that night.  Here’s a picture of the strawberry salad that Sarah had:

Summer Strawberry Salad. $13
-arugula, spinach, candied almonds, goat cheese, poppy seed dressing

All in all, great service at Beerbistro but I believe that the food was a tad disappointing..probably because I had wanted to come here for previous outings but wasn’t able to due to the deposit charge and having really high expectations for Beerbistro!  I still wouldn’t mind coming here again to try out their other menu items like the pulled pork sandwich or the fondue selections. 🙂

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