Fish Noodle Soup at Deer Garden Signatures

Located at 633 Silver Star Boulevard in Scarborough

My mom and I went for this specialty fish soup noodles place on a summery Friday at Deer Garden Restaurant and the place was packed!!  Either it was because it was summer and all the kids and adults were out or this is just a popular restaurant in general, but we had to wait 10 minutes before we got a table booth.  

Deer Garden has two locations in the GTA, one in Richmond Hill and one that is fairly new in Markham.  I went to the Markham one that is at Silver Star Boulevard.  This restaurant used to be a HK style cafe kind of place with set dinners and was then changed over into another fish soup noodles restaurant before it changed into now what is the second location of Deer Garden..

I liked the tiny white fishes as decoration in the restaurant; it’s a big space with many tables!

I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant out to see what the hype was all about..

Fish noodle soup order sheet — simple: just check the items you want

On the order sheet — if you do intend on ordering a bowl of fish soup noodles as they also offer rice — you can choose the soup base that you want, the type of noodle, choose from two toppings on the list, a drink, and also order two side dishes if you wanted.  It’s a really good deal for a big bowl of noodles and a drink for only $8 ish.  I love how Chinese places are always so affordable and delicious. 😀

I ordered the original fish soup base with vermicelli, fish balls and beef tendons, hot almond milk, and two side dishes of the ‘desert’ fried chicken wings and the teriyaki chicken.  I was starving this day and that’s why I went a little overboard with the ordering.

Hot almond milk!

My mom ordered the chaochou style dried fish and minced pork fish soup base with Korean crystal noodles with fish puffs and sliced beef and also hot almond milk.

Korean style crystal noodles with fish puffs and sliced beef in chaochou style dried fish and minced pork fish soup. $8.75

Thick rice noodles with fish balls and beef tendons in original fish soup. $8.75

Such a fulfilling lunch!

I really enjoyed the fish puffs; they were sooo juicy since it soaked up all the flavour of the fish soup and was a delight to eat.  The sliced beef were cooked just right and not rough at all.  The fish balls were so-so; not bouncy enough for my taste as they probably were the frozen ones and not freshly handmade.  The beef tendons were actually clear in colour and not brown like I’m used to seeing.  This means that they don’t dye their beef tendons like most restaurants do.  As for the vermicelli, they were good and a little more al dente than I would have liked.  Finally, the fish base soup was a little plain although I understand that they claim there is no MSG in it.  I’ve had better fish base soup. 🙂

Korean glass noodles vs. thick rice noodles

I really liked the teriyaki chicken: crispy skin and juicy meat and not overcooked at all!  The chicken wings were fried nicely but didn’t have as much flavour as the teriyaki chicken.  My mom ordered the beef tongue as a side dish and loved it.  I liked it too but still enjoyed the teriyaki chicken more.

Pan fried boneless chicken in teriyaki sauce. $1.95

Desert wings with ginger. $1.95

Pan fried beef tongues. $1.95

So there you go, Deer Garden is a great place for some casual noodle slurping that’s quick and affordable.  I would come here again.

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  1. andy1076 says:

    I’d so love to come here during the winter season for these hearty dishes! Yummers! 🙂

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