Ocean Seafood Restaurant [Defunct]

Located at 328 Hwy 7 East in Richmond Hill

At first, I thought Ocean Seafood Restaurant was a Chinese restaurant that only featured fancy six-course dinners with seafood and chicken and your other typical Chinese dishes.  However, when we walked in looking for a casual HK-style cafe, Ocean Seafood Restaurant actually had a breakfast and lunch combo that fit exactly what a HK-style cafe serves!  I was pleasantly surprised.  HK-style cafe means that the food you choose from a list comes with a drink, tastes good, and highly affordable.  We ordered a beef satay noodle in soup and fried pork chop and two eggs with ham macaroni in soup.

Fried Pork Chop and Two Eggs
Ham Macaroni in Soup

Beef Satay Noodle in Soup. $4.29

The fried pork chop was delicious and the beef satay was tender and a little spicy.  It was yummy!  The ham macaroni was a little plain in flavour compared to the other two, but it was still a cheap and decent meal.

We actually came here again shortly after that breakfast meal again and this time for dinner.  We ordered pork chop in sweet & sour sauce, fried beans with olive veggie & minced meat, and braised bean curd with garoupa in hot pot.  Mmmm, everything was nicely portioned for two people and so delicious.  It didn’t taste too salty or too high in MSG which was great.

Heartwarming veggie soup to start off the dinner

Fried Beans with Olive Veggie & Minced Meat. $6.25

Pork Chop in Sweet & Sour Sauce. $6.25

Braised Bean Curd with Garoupa in Hot Pot. $7.99

It’s decorated and named such a nice name that it didn’t seem like it would serve HK-style cafe food (in the daytime)

My favourite dish of the three was definitely the garoupa.  It was so tender and well-flavoured and the tofu was extremely smooth and soft.

I will definitely come here again for more delicious Chinese food!

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7 Responses to Ocean Seafood Restaurant [Defunct]

  1. Wow the prices are unbelievable. It’s cheaper than eating at a food court. I must try this restaurant even though it’s a bit out of the way where I live. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ooops you made me happy for a moment till I realized I mistook you for another blogger who blogs about food and restaurants in my city. Haaa..aaa now I can’t visit this restaurant as I need to fly to get there. 😦

  3. andy1076 says:

    I very much enjoy Garoupa wherever I go, I like how it wasn’t made too thick in this shot though. Looks super yum! 🙂

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