Cowman Restaurant (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop 9-10, G/F, The Concord Building, 60-104 Soy Street, Mong Kok in Hong Kong

On a Monday, we had afternoon tea at Cowman Restaurant.  We chose this place over the soup noodles place next door since it looked more clean, spacious, and inviting.  They had a loud sign that showed they had free wifi too so obviously for me that is a sure yes (haha).

Cowman Restaurant (interesting name) is a HK-style cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner sets.  Yum!!  My kind of restaurant. ❤  

This restaurant definitely stood out in Mong Kok based on its modern and clean look

We noticed that their afternoon tea time lasted until 6 p.m. and it was only 5:10 p.m. at that point so it was perfect timing to partake in the affordable and cheaper food.  Yay!

I loved how casual and modern it was inside

Drinks that came with our afternoon tea sets: Almond Milk and Watercress with Honey

We ended up ordering three combo sets:  fish noodles, pig trotters with rice noodles, and a satay beef sandwich (the last one was my very favourite).  Each set came with a drink — we ordered two watercress with honey and one almond milk.

I loved that they offered free wifi in the restaurant and used it right away after I asked one of the servers for the password.  Fast, high-speed wifi = <3.

Our food arrived shortly.  The pig trotters were sooo soft and tender.  Definitely a high score.

Braised Pig Trotters with Nam Yu Bean Curd Noodles. HKD $32

Fish Noodles. HKD $38

I loved the fish noodles.  They were actually strings of real fish!  Yummmm!!  😀  You could tell by looking at it that it wasn’t just a regular ‘pretend’ fish noodle.  The only downside is that the bowl was quite small and only had a few long strands of the noodles.  The rest of the bowl was filled with leafy lettuce and a tasty clear soup base.

Because of the limited quantity, the third dish definitely filled me up.  It was a satay beef sandwich served in half.  At first bite, the bread was lightly fried to a perfect crisp and the saucy beef was not really covered in satay like it was advertised in the menu — it was covered in peanut butter sauce plus something else like curry.  It was soooo good!  The pieces of beef were not rough either.  I finished my half of the sandwich in a jiffy. :9

Satay Beef Bun. HKD $33

Seasonal Vegetables. HKD $22

I really enjoyed the food here and the dining experience.  It wasn’t too crowded; it was relaxed and I didn’t feel like anyone was rushing me out.  The servers were also pleasant.  I’d definitely return again. 🙂

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