Häagen-Dazs in Hong Kong

Located at Shop 7, 1/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong in Hong Kong

Oh yum!!!  I got to try out an icy creation at one of the branches at Häagen-Dazs in Hong Kong. 😀  This was my first time eating at this well-known and fancy pants ice cream shop — YOLO.  Previously, I’ve noticed how posh they are and how a lot of people tend to go crazy for Häagen-Dazs ice cream (usually girls) while I’ve never been that fond of them.  Nevertheless, while walking around in apm shopping mall, we were tired and wanted to try it out.

Ice cream flavours

Mini Love Boat. HKD $69

So colourful

To my surprise, they actually don’t hold a lot of ice cream creations so we ended up choosing the Mini Love Boat where you could choose three scoops of ice cream that came in a ‘boat’ (banana and strawberries).

It was smaller than I thought and cheapy-looking than their picture.  Figures.  We chose mango, tiramisu, and strawberry cheesecake as the ice cream flavours.  I loved the tiramisu one, followed by the strawberry cheesecake (it actually tasted of cheesecake bits) and the mango one (it smelled amazing).  The banana was split in half to make two.  The waffle chips were crunchy!

Häagen-Dazs, this will not be my last visit!  🙂

Snapped on another day when the dessert shop was more packed

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